iPhone 5 Camera Tricks and Tips


Whether you’re a budding iPhoneographer or simply a mom who loves clicking pictures with her iPhone, here are some simple tips to make the most of your iPhone 5 camera:

1. Take a picture instantly from the lock screen.  It happens all the time: you catch your little one in an adorable snap-worthy pose but by the time you reach for your iPhone, unlock it, and swipe through your phone to find the camera app, it’s too late and the moment is gone. You can avoid missed opportunities by taking a picture directly from the home screen, even when your phone is locked.  You might not have noticed it but there’s now a tiny camera icon located on the home screen of your iPhone 5. If your phone is locked, simply tap the home button and the camera icon will appear, letting you activate the camera app and take pictures without unlocking your phone.

2. Capture DLSR quality shots. Skip the pricy DLSR camera and try the Olloclip lens for the iPhone 5 instead, which lets you take professional quality photos with your iPhone without the expense and the bulkiness. The tiny 3-in-1 lens simply slides on to your iPhone 5. And you will be amazed at the stunning detail and clarity, the lens brings to your mobile and Instagram photos.

3. Snap stills while recording video. This is a neat little feature of the iPhone 5 camera. You no longer have to decide between shooting a video or capturing stills, you can do both!  While, taking a video, just hit the camera icon at the top right-hand of your screen to take photos simultaneously. Doing so won’t stop your video from recording.

4. Take a vertical panorama. Most iPhone 5 owners are addicted to the panorama mode on their camera, which lets them take sweeping landscape shots. But did you know that you can give your panoramic shots a creative twist by composing a vertical panorama? To do this, open the camera app, hold your phone in landscape mode and using the panorama function move your camera upwards.

5. Use your headphones to click pictures. Try as I might, I have not mastered the art of pressing the camera button delicately. I tend to jab at the camera button on the screen, which results in blurry pictures. I recently discovered that there has been a smarter solution all along. You can actually use the volume up button on your Apple headphones or the volume button on your phone to click pictures.

6.  Create a shared PhotoStream.  With iO6, there’s an easy way to share pictures with friends and family who also own an iPhone or iPad. You can simply set up a shared photo album (or PhotoStream) on your iPhone, add the mobile pictures you want to share, and select the subscribers who can view, comment on and “like” your photos. To activate the PhotoStream feature in your iPhone 5 go to Settings>Photos and Camera. Toggle both “My Photo Stream” and “Shared Photo Streams” options to “On.” Here are more details on how use photostream.


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