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  • Last modified: November 7, 2013
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Review Summary:

A great creative free play app that allows children to draw, color, and create whatever their wild imagination can come up with.

App Info

Price: $2.99 AppStore User Rating: 4.5


Imagination Box is an incredible creativity app that allows children to draw, color, sculpt, and make anything they want. In this easy to use, free play environment, players have all they need to create amazing masterpieces they can share with friends and family all in one virtual environment.

Features include:

  • 62 Play dough shapes
  • 9 Colors
  • 3 Marker sizes
  • 12 Background colors


Imagination Box is full of bright colors, catchy music, and an environment that is perfect for creating wonderful art pieces. The user interface is extremely simple to use with simple drag and drop technology to move various play dough pieces around the background. If users want to change from play dough to marker they can easily do so with the tap of a finger. Developers have also set up a wide range of tools, options, and shapes for children to use in creating their masterpieces. When their masterpiece is complete, there is a “save” option that will move the piece to an art gallery of sorts.


While Imagination Box is more of a creativity app for children, it does include a variety of shapes, numbers, and letters that children can use when creating their pictures. By spelling their name or other words, children have the ability to practice spelling and reading. If they are playing with a parent or teacher, this app can also be used to review shapes and numbers as well. Overall Imagination Box offers a nice platform for children to practice various educational skills on their own or with a parent or teacher.


The main focus of this app is creativity and free play. Imagination Box offers a wide variety of play dough shapes, letters, and numbers in 9 different colors along with many other marker options and background colors that allow children to create their perfect masterpiece. There is no right or wrong way to play with this app so children young and old can use this to draw, color, and create illustrations and other special pictures that they can save and share with others.

It seems the developers have thought of everything when it comes to the tools that are included. In addition to the variety of shapes etc, children can customize the size or direction of item they just placed on their picture. This provides children with full creative control over the details, which is always fun. There is also an option for children to use their own photos as background options for their creations.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a steal. With so many colors, tools, shapes, numbers, and customizable options that are included you might think this app would be more expensive than it is. When you consider what you might pay for purchasing all of the same tools for hands on creative play, you could easily spend a fortune. Parents will be happy to know this virtual creative environment is inexpensive and fun!

Child Friendliness

Not only is Imagination Box easy to use, but it is completely safe for children as well. There are no in-app purchases or social media links to be concerned about. The “more apps” button allows children to see the other apps by the same developer, however each additional app is protected. The “parents” section is also protected so children aren’t likely to get into that area either. Overall, Imagination Box is a great app for children of all ages as it offers lots of great creative play with a variety of easy to use tools and options.

A great creative free play app that allows children to draw, color, and create whatever their wild imagination can come up with.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars