How to Protect Your iPhone 5

From scratches and spills to loss and theft, here are my best tips for keeping your precious iPhone 5 safe and secure under any circumstances.

1. Damage
There are a dizzying array of iPhone 5 cases available, but don’t just waste your money on any ordinary case.  After years of buying and using budget, low-quality cases that did nothing to protect my old iPhones from my clumsiness, I discovered LifeProof. The Lifeproof case for iPhone 5 is like having a personal bodyguard for your phone. It is tough, watertight and sealed, providing protection against water damage and accidental drops.

2. Loss and Theft
If you haven’t done so already, make sure you enable the “Find My iPhone” feature on your iPhone. The awesome, free service uses built-in GPS tracking to locate your device when it is lost or stolen. It also lets your remotely lock your phone, delete personal and sensitive data, play a sound if the device is nearby, and send a message to the phone with your contact info. Set up is quick and simple. Just go to Settings>iCloud on your iPhone and toggle the Find My iPhone option to “on.”

3. Virus
While iOS is not typically vulnerable to malware, it’s always better to be concerned about information security. If you’re looking for an all-in-one security app that is user-friendly and monitors your iPhone’s overall security, then try the Lookout Mobile Security app. The free app backs up your contacts, lets you know when you need to run critical software updates, alerts you if your phone is jailbroken, and tells you if a public Wi-Fi network is unencrypted so you don’t send sensitive information using the connection.

4. Data Privacy
I’m always surprised at how many iPhone users forget to do this. The simplest way to protect your data is to password protect your iPhone. Set up a passcode by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock on your iPhone. To make it even harder for prying eyes to access your data, turn the “Simple Passcode” option off and set up a complex password.

5. Screen
Daily wear and tear can leave your iPhone screen all scratched up. To preserve my iPhone 5 screen and keep it looking like new, I swear by Zagg Invisible Shield. The screen protector not only fits my iPhone like a glove it is also made of super durable material. Plus, it does not dim the brilliant retina display.