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  • Last modified: November 26, 2013
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For the pirate lover in your home, this app helps children practice their spelling, math, and reasoning skills in a fun way.

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Happi & The Pirates is an awesome app that teaches children to use their logic, spelling, math, and problem solving skills in a fun and entertaining game. With a variety of activities that run smoothly into the next, this easy to use app will educate, entertain, and delight the pirate lover in your home!

Features include:

  • High quality graphics
  • Fun game concept
  • Puzzle


Happi & The Pirates is full of wonderful pirate illustrations and fun sound effects that bring the app to life. Children are going to love the pirate concept as they use their logical thinking skills to build words, solve reasoning puzzles, and locate the pirates treasure. Not only does Happi & The Pirates include great graphics and sound effects, but the set up is very simple to use as children can move smoothly from one activity to another without much direction or instruction.


Children will be able to practice math and spelling skills as they spell words in a crossword type puzzle to match pictures provided in order to earn keys to treasure chests. Once the keys are earned the challenge is not over as there are other puzzles, logic, and reasoning activities to complete in order to earn tools and map pieces to use when locating the treasure.

Not only are there a variety of skills for children to practice, but the developers have also provided a way for children to get hints when needed as they are spelling various words in the main activity making this one app that children of all ages can enjoy.


The pirate theme of this app allows all of the educational activities to come together so children can collect tools and map pieces to help them locate the treasure. As players complete each level, they are awarded with a piece of the map that they need to piece back together to help them locate the treasure. After all levels are completed they can then use the map and the tools they have collected to try and find the buried treasure. If by chance they don’t have enough tools or pieces of the map, they can go back through and complete the levels again to try again. This treasure hunt provides a wonderful entertainment activity for children to enjoy.


Priced at just under three dollars this app has so much to offer children in education and entertainment and I think parents will agree this app is a great deal. For a little money this can quickly become one of the favorites in your house.

Child Friendliness

This easy to use app is great for children of all ages. While some of the concepts might be a little advanced for very young children, school aged children can use the hint option when spelling words to get a little bit of extra assistance.

In addition to the easy to use interface it is also safe for children to use since it does not have any links to other apps or social media links to be concerned about. The parents section provides information that will help players get the most out of the app as well as information about other apps by the developer (without the links).

For the pirate lover in your home, this app helps children practice their spelling, math, and reasoning skills in a fun way.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars