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Review Summary:

A sweet storybook app with interactive illustrations and in-story activities that children of all ages will love!

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A sweet storybook app with interactive illustrations and in-story activities that children of all ages will love!

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store


Hanna & Henri is a delightful digital storybook app with narration, fun activities, and a cute story that children will enjoy. The detailed illustrations and simple interactive images make this story one that children of all ages will enjoy as they help Henri prepare for his friend Hanna’s birthday party.

Features include:

  • Simple interactive images
  • Narration options
  • In-story activities
  • 2 Language options


Hanna & Henri has a very unique feel compared to other storybook apps. The illustrations are quite detailed with specific interactive pieces that children will enjoy. The audio allows children to hear sound effects that coincide with the small animated pieces throughout that really bring the story to life. One of my favorite animations is the puff of smoke that appears when Henri moves swiftly from one place to another.

The interface is also easy to use as developers have included various prompts to help children tap/swipe the correct area to move to the next page, so it isn’t likely children will get stuck in any one area. Overall, this app is very well done.


While many storybook apps are meant for entertainment purposes only, the developers have included some educational activities throughout the story to increase the educational value. As the story progresses, children are prompted to pick out specific clothing for Henri to wear and are asked to place it on the correct area of his body. There are other matching games that also allow children to practice organization and logic in a fun, interactive setting. For example, children must help Henri clean his room by placing various items in the correct box. What is also nice about these activities is that they are placed strategically throughout the story so it blends well with the plot.

One thing I was disappointed with is the lack of text highlighting in this app. Most storybook apps provide text highlighting in conjunction with narration so children are able to follow along with the words and practice their reading skills. Another thing I think would add to the educational value of this app is to provide access to the activities separate from the story. Some children may get too distracted with the activities that they end up missing the story and providing access to them outside of the story as well as within the story will help with this.


Hanna & Henri is a sweet story about a young boy preparing for his friend’s birthday party. Children follow along and help Henri get dressed, count his money, purchase a gift, etc. in the interactive activities that are disbursed throughout the story. Not only will kids enjoy the story, they also get to participate in a variety of activities throughout the story making this not only engaging, but entertaining as well.


This storybook app is a little more pricey than some of the others I have seen (that include text highlight and other games), which could be a deterrent for some parents. However, when you consider the detailed illustrations, in-story activities, and what you might pay for a hard cover book, you are getting a pretty good value.

Child Friendliness

Parents are going to love Hanna & Henri, not only for the loveable story and fun activities, but also because this app is easy to use and completely safe. The developers have included prompts throughout the story to help children progress through the activities and have also allowed children to access the “options” section to adjust the audio etc. With no social media links or in-app purchases, this app is great for children of all ages.

Available on the App Store

A sweet storybook app with interactive illustrations and in-story activities that children of all ages will love!

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars