Gozoa: Play & Learn Math

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Review Summary:

Help Gozoa collect all the start numbers the evil Villain has stole by completing a variety of fun and diverse math activities. This app is one you don’t want to miss!


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Gozoa: Play & Learn Math is a great video game-like app that teaches children various math skills while they play. The diverse math activities are disbursed throughout the game and include skills like number recognition, sorting, number writing, addition, and many more. With 50 activities and 9 levels to complete, this app will keep little ones busy for hours!

Features include:

  • Video game-like platform
  • 20 Diverse math activity types
  • 50 Activities total
  • 9 Levels


Gozoa:Play & Learn Math is a great app for children who enjoy playing video/computer games since the user platform is set up in much the same way. The graphics are clear and while the animated pieces are simple, they compliment the app and allow children to focus on the educational activities included. The audio/music included also adds to the overall game-like feel to the app helping to keep children engaged as they play.


With over 50 math activities to complete this app is wonderful for children to practice a variety of math skills. Not only will they get to practice counting and recognizing numbers, but they also will be able to practice writing numbers, addition, recognize geometry shapes, and sorting. There are also activities for children to practice concepts like biggest/smallest and fewest/most as well as following a map as they move through the app.

What’s great about the way the educational activities are set up is that they are disbursed throughout the game so children aren’t likely to get bored with any one activity. Each level provides a diverse set of activities for children to complete before moving on in the game.


Developers have done a great job making Gozoa: Play & Learn Math fun and entertaining. The video game-like set up and storyline is a great way to keep children engaged. The object of the game is to follow the map and complete the math activities in order to win back the star numbers that the evil Villain has stolen. Children will help Gozoa maneuver through various levels collecting coins and completing the math activities in order to win back all the stars. The coins they collect can be used to purchase clothing, accessories etc., for Gozoa and his friends.

What I love about this app is the way the developers made this app not only educational, but fun too. Children will progress through each of the locked levels having so much fun, they may not even realize they are learning/practicing math skills along the way.


At first glance the price might seem a bit much for some parents, but I assure you it is worth every penny. With over 50 math activities, 9 different levels to complete, and the ability to have 3 separate profiles, Gozoa: Play & Learn Math has a lot to offer!

06/22/14: After careful consideration the developer has dropped the regular price of the app to $1.99.

Child Friendliness

Gozoa: Play & Learn Math is great for children and is completely safe to use. With no advertisements or social media links, parents can let their little ones play and learn until their heart’s content. Developers have made sure to include a helpful video that will assist children in learning how to maneuver through the app and it is accessible at any time.

While most of the app is easy to use, navigating with the map and getting used to controlling Gozoa may take some getting used to, but the more they play, the easier it gets.

Available on the App Store

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