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  • Last modified: January 30, 2014
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Review Summary:

A great educational app that is fun to play and explore. Perfect for children that love geography or need a little bit of extra practice with their geography skills.


Geography Drive USA is a great road trip app featured in our At-A-Glance: Road Trip Apps For Kids. This app provides a platform for children to learn a multitude of information about geography and history of the United States in a fun and interactive game. Using multiple choice trivia and a variety of other mini-games throughout, this app will keep children engaged and entertained for hours.

Features include:

  • 3 Player profiles
  • Geography trivia
  • Visitor center with fun facts about each state
  • Trophy reward system


The quality of this app is outstanding. Not only are there brightly colored illustrations and fun sound effects and music, but the whole set-up is very easy to use and is very intuitive. Upon entering the app, children are prompted to select a profile that they can customize with their name, symbol, and choose from a variety of colors. This customization provides children the freedom to make their profile exactly how they want it as they play.

The Geography Drive map that is used in this app is also wonderfully done. The developers have created a unique way for children to move from state to state by car or by plane provided they have enough money in their virtual bank (money they earn from answering questions). The overall concept and execution of this educational trivia game is absolutely wonderful and it is one app parents and children can appreciate.


Geography Drive USA isn’t just an app that teaches children where states are located and their capitals, but it provides in-depth information about each state in the “Visitors Center”. Information like the size, statehood info, the history of the state, the state nickname, and so much more is included in this area and is a perfect place for children to brush up on their knowledge as they play.

In addition to the main game that asks trivia questions about each state, there are also a few other mini-games that are educational in nature that will help children build their virtual bank. These games provide practice in spelling, naming flags, naming state capitals, and state shapes that will provide additional practice throughout the app.

Overall this app has a great deal of educational information for children to learn and practice and is a great way for kids that need a bit of help in geography to practice in a fun environment.


Geography Drive USA is not just an educational app, but a highly entertaining app too. Not only will children be challenged to clear each state by answering all of the trivia questions correctly, but they also will be challenged to play the other mini-games as well. The reward system is also set up so children have a goal to win various trophies, collect money to spend on upgrading their car etc. All of these additional components of the app make it highly engaging and entertaining.


If you are a parent or teacher that is not accustomed to spending more than a dollar or two on an app you may be less likely to buy this app with the price tag just under four dollars, however I assure you it is worth every penny. Not only do you get an engaging and entertaining app for kids, but you get one that is very educational too. In addition to that there are three profiles that can be used so with families with more than one child this is a great deal.

Child Friendliness

Many parents are looking for apps that are easy for their child to use without a lot of instructions and Geography Drive USA is great for that. Their are no instructions necessary to get started and children can jump right in which parents and teachers will appreciate. Parents will also appreciate the fact that there are no social media links, in app purchase links, or advertisements to distract children as they play. This is one app that is great for children of all ages and is safe to play too.

A great educational app that is fun to play and explore. Perfect for children that love geography or need a little bit of extra practice with their geography skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars