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Felt Board is a wonderfully crafty app with various backgrounds, felt dolls, and a variety of other felt accessories that allow children to use their imaginations to create fun and imaginative illustrations that can be shared. Without worrying about the mess of cutting pieces of felt and messy glue, parents can allow their children to have just as much (if not more) fun with this virtual craft app.

Features include:

  • A wide variety of felt shapes, colors, and accessories
  • Virtual glue to hold pieces down
  • Save option for later viewing

Felt Board has so much to offer by way of bright colors, a variety of accessories for crafting, and an easy to use platform for creating masterpieces. There are not only a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from, but also various doll shapes, hair selections, accessories, animals, shapes, letters, and numbers to choose from making this crafty app incredibly diverse.

Not only can children tap and drop various pictures onto their scene, but they can also re-size accessories and use a dab of digital glue to help keep pieces in place. There is also a great save option that allows children to view their creations at a later time.

It is clear that app developers put a lot of time and effort into this app with the wide variety of felt pieces and accessories for children to choose from and they have done a great job of turning a simple crafting concept into an entertaining environment for children to use.

While Felt Board is primarily a crafty art app, the many accessories within the app open the door for young children to learn colors, shapes, animals and numbers if they use it with a parent. Parents can assist in creating different scenes and work with children on the various colors, shapes, etc. while they help construct their masterpiece.

With that said there isn’t a dedicated educational component in this app so if parents are looking for a craft-like app with an educational component built in, this isn’t the best app for that.

The entertainment value of this app far outweighs the educational value due to the number of creative options available. There are so many variations of pictures to create with Felt Board that children will stay entertained for hours, especially little ones with an affinity for creative activities. And since this app is a wonderful opportunity for children explore their creative side, it will be most entertaining for those that like the freedom of creating and crafting with little guidance.

When you consider how much it would cost to purchase the variety of felt shapes, sizes, and colors, having it all in one virtual craft center for just under three dollars is a great deal. Not only will parents avoid the potential for lost pieces and messy scraps, but children will have the freedom to create a wide variety of masterpieces over and over again.

Felt Board is entirely child friendly with no social media links, in app purchases or advertisements to worry about. The “save” option allows children to save a snapshot of the picture to the device’s gallery so parents may find a wide variety of pictures there for later viewing.

The user interface is great for children of all ages and little ones will particularly enjoy the tap and move function that moves the pieces from the side bar into their picture. Older users will also find ease in pinching and expanding the accessories in order to re-size them to fit perfectly. Overall, Felt Board is easy to use and provides children the freedom of unstructured creative play in a unique and crafty app.

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