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Endless Alphabet is a great educational app that allows children to practice their alphabet while learning new words and definitions as well as practice their spelling skills. With highly animated letters and characters, this app takes learning to a new level. It engages and educates little minds as they explore new words with fun and silly characters.

Features include:

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Highly engaging animations
  • 20+ words to start with new words automatically added regularly

Endless Alphabet has everything you expect from a high quality app with bright engaging illustrations, quirky animated characters, wonderful audio and lots of fun.

The sound effects and music that go along with each letter are excellent and repeat the sound the letter makes as children complete each word puzzle. The narrator also does a nice job explaining the definition of each word after the puzzle is complete. Each definition is accompanied by silly characters acting out the word, providing an engaging visual representation that adds to the overall appeal of the app and makes it feel more like an interactive cartoon than a learning app.

It is clear a vast amount of creativity, thought, and purpose went into this app creating a fun and engaging learning environment for children of all ages.

It can be difficult to find an app that provides educational opportunities in so many areas like this one does, but Endless Alphabet makes it look so easy. There are various ways for little ones to learn in this all inclusive app, one of which is practicing their alphabet.

For early learners, this app helps children learn the sounds each letter makes as well as gives them some examples of how words are put together using those sounds. Within each letter of the alphabet there is one word (or more as words are added regularly) that is highlighted. Silly characters run through the letters scattering them about and the idea is to put them back together based on the word template that shows the spelling. As children drag and drop each letter to the appropriate place, the letter comes to life making the appropriate sound. Once the word is pieced back together, the quirky characters come back and illustrate the meaning of the word while the narrator gives a succinct yet clear definition.

Not only do children get to practice their alphabet, but they get to work on spelling, reading, and can expand their vocabulary with a vast number of words. These words aren’t your typical beginner level words either. With words like “cooperate” and “hilarious”, children will have an increased working vocabulary as new words are added automatically, making this educational app one of a kind.

The best educational apps are those that are entertaining as well and this one goes above and beyond the call of duty in the entertainment department. In order for children to learn they must be engaged in the learning activity and want to participate and this app gives children a delightful experience as they piece new words together and watch as fun characters act them out.

The characters and animations included in Endless Alphabet are by far some of the most entertaining I have seen and as children interact with them throughout this app, they will be begging to play again and again.

You might think it is too good to be true to find an app that provides engaging educational benefits, entertainment, high quality illustrations, and music for free, but I assure you it’s not. This app is an incredible find not only for all of the learning benefits it includes, but because with new words added on a regular basis, it is true to it’s name. Endless Alphabet offers endless learning opportunities and endless fun for free. Does it get much better than that? I don’t think so.

This app is great for early learners and young children in school with the simple and very intuitive set-up. By simply dragging and dropping letters in the appropriate place, or swiping the screen to move to the next letter, children can easily move through this app without any extensive instructions or help from parents.

They can also safely enjoy all that this app has to offer since there are no social media links, in app purchases, or advertisements to worry about. Parents can simply allow their child to explore new words with this highly functional and fun app.


Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet
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