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  • Last modified: October 3, 2013
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Review Summary:

Dot-To-Dot Adventure is an adorable and versatile educational app for children ages 2 -10+. Great for practicing counting and alphabet skills.

Dot-To-Dot Adventure is an adorable and versatile educational app for children ages 2 -10+. Great for practicing counting and alphabet skills.



Dot-to-Dot Adventure is a darling educational app with a cute take on the traditional connect the dots game that will keep children of all ages learning and practicing a variety of skills. Each new puzzle provides a fun way to practice letters of the alphabet and counting in a variety of ways. By the time children are done playing this app, parents are sure to see a marked improvement in their alphabet and counting skills.

Features include:

  • 4 Player profiles
  • 5 Difficulty levels based on age
  • Counting/Skip counting skills
  • Alphabet practice


At first glance you wouldn’t think there were so many options within this adorable educational app, but there are. The developers have set it up to allow for 4 different players with their own specific profiles that allows families with multiple children to play without losing their progress. Upon opening the app, players must set up their profile to reflect their name, avatar picture to identify their profile, as well as the age range that will automatically set the difficulty level for each player. There is also an option to make changes to the difficulty once it is set up or while completing each puzzle.

The cartoon-like graphics and fun music sets the stage for fun and children may not even realize they are learning various skills as they complete each puzzle. This highly quality, versatile app is a great way for children to play and learn all in one place.


Dot-to-Dot Adventure is a fun way for children to play connect the dots to practice their alphabet and counting skills. With 5 difficult levels based on age as well as the ability to set specific difficulty levels throughout the app, this application offers many ways for children to learn. Some of the lower difficulty levels offer traditional counting or connecting the letter dots in alphabetical order while the more difficult levels skip numbers and allow children to practice skip counting numbers by any number 2-12.

Also included in this app is the ability to connect the dots backwards, so instead of going in numerical order, they would begin with the highest number and work backwards. This provides even more diversity in how children can learn and play. It is clear this app offers a wide variety of ways for children to practice their counting and alphabet skills making it a great educational app for children of multiple ages.


While this app is primarily an educational app, there is no doubt children will enjoy the fun images, sound effects, and the challenge of completing each puzzle correctly. As they continue to move through the app they also are able to win badges for their profile showing that they have completed a particular set of puzzles. With a total of 35 badges available children will have plenty of opportunities to collect all of them.


It is really hard to believe such a well developed educational app would be so affordable, but Dot-to-Dot Adventure is! With 35 different badges available to collect, 5 difficulty levels and 4 profile options, this app has it all and with a free version to try it out, I am sure parents will not hesitate to pay the $1.99 for the full version. Parents with multiple children will appreciate getting this lovely educational app that can be used by children ages 2-10+ for free and with so many playing/difficulty options, this app is one that will last quite awhile.

Child Friendliness

With so many options for children of all ages, this app is great for children. Not only is it great for learning, but the interface is very easy to use as well. The bright colors, cartoon-like images, and fun sounds will appeal to children and as they complete the various puzzles, they will hardly know they are learning.

There are a few things parents will want to be aware of such as the “more apps” button on the main page and the email option under the settings button. While playing in the app there is an option to change the settings, however it is a parents only area and in order to access the user must answer a math problem correctly. This is a great way to protect the settings though it would be nice to use this same method to protect the email function as well.

Dot-To-Dot Adventure is an adorable and versatile educational app for children ages 2 -10+. Great for practicing counting and alphabet skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars