Counting Around The World

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Review Summary:

An exceptional counting app that when purchased will also donate a book to a child in need from around the world.

An exceptional counting app that when purchased will also donate a book to a child in need from around the world.



Counting Around The World is a wonderful educational app that helps children learn numbers, colors, counting, and so much more information in a fun and easy to use environment. This app also offers kids an opportunity to learn about various cultures around the world as they play. Great for children of all ages, this app has videos, maps, puzzles, and many other entertainment components to keep kids engaged.

Features include:

  • Short educational videos
  • Puzzles
  • Stickers
  • Fun learning environment


Some of the best educational apps include clear graphics and lively music to keep children engaged and Counting Around The World has it all. Not only are there crystal clear pictures of children from around the world, but there are also short educational videos that enhance the educational value so children have a variety of ways to learn. The sound effects and other audio included are clear and add to the overall experience making this a high quality app. For example, each time an activity is complete stars fly around the screen and a narrator provides a song or other positive feedback.


In this app, children will not only have an opportunity to practice counting, but they also can work on color recognition, writing their numbers, and learning about various cultures from around the world. Each of the 10 numbers included provide children with 4 activities to complete in order to earn a star. The activities include tracing numbers, watching the video provided, helping each child get back home, completing a puzzle, as well as catching each number and putting them in the correct place in order to complete each level. There are also various markers that reward children with a sticker for completing certain goals.

This is one of the most diverse educational apps around that not only allows children to learn numbers and counting, but also exposes them to children and cultures from all over the world to show them the ways they are alike and different.


Counting Around The World provides children with a fun way to learn through videos, puzzles, and maps of the world. The music and sound effects also help to keep children entertained while they learn in addition to the stickers they can collect by completing various activities. For an app that is primarily an educational app, the entertainment features included are very good.


For just under five dollars this app provides many high quality images, videos, and material that will educate and entertain children. While it may cost much more than some parents might spend on an app like this, the developers have set up a program that will donate one book to a child in need in order to help support literacy around the world. So for what you pay for this app you are not only getting a great educational app, but you are giving to a child in need as well and that is priceless.

Child Friendliness

Counting Around The World is not only educational, but it is extremely easy to use. Children will have no problems moving through the app and completing each activity due to how well the developers have organized it. Not only that, but parents can rest assured that it is safe to use as well since there are no social media links.

There are a few places that provide more information about the developers E3 Imagine, that when tapped may open the developers website so parents will want to be aware of that. The main page also offers information about new apps that are coming out by the same developers however at this time it does not take users to the App Store.

An exceptional counting app that when purchased will also donate a book to a child in need from around the world.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars