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Bogga Christmas Tree is a delightful app with lots of decorations to allow children to decorate their very own Christmas Tree. A great app for this time of year!

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Price: $1.99
AppStore User Rating: 5

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Bogga Christmas Tree is one of our featured apps in our Christmas & Holiday Apps for Kids post and is a simple to use Christmas app for kids that allows children to build and decorate their very own Christmas Tree with lights, bulbs, candy canes, and various other decorations. With fun holiday music to add to the already festive feel, this app is perfect for little ones who want to create there own holiday look.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of ornaments, garland, and lights
  • Customizable bulbs and backgrounds


Bogga Christmas Tree is a high quality, simple to use app that allows children to unleash their creativity. The beautiful ornaments, garland, and lights are very well done and help to make each tree unique and amazing. The tree and ornaments are not the only things that create a festive environment, but the radio that plays holiday music helps to round out the experience. The developers have also added a great customizable feature that allows children to create their own bulbs and backgrounds using their own photos. Overall this app is a great, creative and festive app for kids.


This app is not being reviewed for educational value.


This app is perfect for children who are naturally creative. With a variety of ornaments, garland, holly, lights, and much more, children of all ages will enjoy creating their perfect Christmas tree. Once their piece is complete they can take a photo and save it to their device for later viewing or to share it with friends. This app is sure to allow for hours of creative fun as kids play, but especially during this time of year.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is a steal! With so many decorations to use and the option to create your own ornaments and background using your own photos, this app is great. I think parents will find this to be one of the best creative holiday apps around and you just can’t beat the price.

Child Friendliness

Not only is Bogga Christmas Tree intuitive, but it also includes a variety of prompts to help younger children get started. For instance, when the app is first opened, children must choose a tree stand or pot and the app prompts children to select one. They also must pull a rope to drop their tree etc. They can select a variety of decorations from the box and the simple drag and drop technology allows children to easily move through the rest of the app with not trouble at all.

Because this app is so simple to use, it is likely best enjoyed by younger children and parents will be happy to know that the parents area is protected so children won’t get into areas they don’t belong. Additionally there are no social media links or advertisements to be concerned with so parents can allow children the freedom to play and create.

Bogga Christmas Tree is a delightful app with lots of decorations to allow children to decorate their very own Christmas Tree. A great app for this time of year!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars