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Review Summary:

Audubon Owls is an incredibly informative and innovative way for children to learn about owls and use that knowledge out in the field to identify various species.

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Unlike some of the other bird apps we have reviewed, this app focuses specifically on owls and includes 19 different species. With some unique learning features such as, videos, audio, wonderful images, and fun games, this educational app will definitely spark the interest of children as they learn and share all there is to know about owls. Audubon Owls is another great app that will inspire families to get outdoors and interact with nature.

Features include:

  • Educational videos
  • 19 Species
  • Puzzles and quizzes
  • Various owl calls and hoots


Audubon Owls is a specialty app featured in our At-A-Glance: Outdoor Apps for Kids post that focuses on a variety of owl species that can be found around North America. The developers have done a magnificent job of incorporating range maps, high quality images, and high quality audio files to create an easy to use platform for learning. The audio is very clear and offers a variety of sounds for each species along with images that assist users in identifying the different species. In addition to the images and audio files, there are also educational videos that really add to the overall quality of the app.


With this being a primarily educational app there is so much information included, children may not know where to begin. Parents and children will learn how to identify the 19 species by their call as they explore the various audio files. The high quality images and videos offer additional characteristics that not only assist in identifying each species, but also teach users about the incredible vision, hearing, and hunting capabilities of these magnificent creatures.

Within each species the developers have included a range map that shows where these owls can be found at any given time of year, various audio files, as well as a description tab. The description tab includes information about the eating habits, nesting, colors, sizes, habitats, and regions for each species. Needless to say this app offers a great deal of information about each species and users will be amazed at all there is to learn.


This is one highly educational app that also incorporates a bit of fun into the mix. In addition to the educational information, developers have included various puzzles, a photo quiz, and an audio quiz to assist in testing the users knowledge. This aspect of the app is great for kids as it breaks up the learning with a variety of fun activities.


It is hard to believe an app with so much information and entertainment can be free, but Audubon Owls is free of charge. This is definitely a great deal considering all of the wonderful features included. It is also a great way for parents to see what they can expect for the many other Audubon apps offered by Green Mountain Digital.

Child Friendliness

Completely free of social media links and in app advertisements, this app is great for kids. Not only will it inspire little minds to learn more about these gorgeous animals, but it does so in a way that makes learning interesting and fun.

A few things parents will want to be aware of when using this app are the “more apps” button as well as the “feedback” button. As children move through the app they may stumble across the additional information that allows access to other apps by the developer and the feedback option which allows you to email the developer with questions or comments about the app. While it is not a huge concern, this is something to be aware of.

Audubon Owls is an incredibly informative and innovative way for children to learn about owls and use that knowledge out in the field to identify various species.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars