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Review Summary:

Appy Animals is a basic language app that teaches Hindi to English speaking children.

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Appy Animals is a basic language app that teaches Hindi to English speaking children.

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store


Appy Animals is a unique app that teaches Hindi to English speaking children through cute animal illustrations and a simple interactive interface. This fully narrated app is great for children just beginning to learn Hindi as it teaches children the correct pronunciation of each word included and while it may be light on content, it is still a good app for beginners.

Features include:

  • 8 Animals
  • 2 Learning activities
  • Animated Hindi nursery rhyme


This app has some great high quality images and illustrations that will appeal primarily to young children. The music has a lively feel that will keep children engaged as they move through the easy to use interface. There are some simple interactive components within each page that bring the illustrations to life, but not to a degree that they distract children from learning.


The primary function of this app is to teach Hindi to English speaking children. The main learning activity allows children to learn the Hindi word, see it in English, and hear the pronunciation for each of the 8 animals. Another activity allows children to match an animal face with the shape while the animal is named in Hindi (without the English name) and includes some animals not included in the main activity. There is also an animated story with both English and Arabic subtitles that incorporates all the animals which exposes children to other Hindi words.

While the concept of this learning app is a good one, there doesn’t seem to be enough animals and other words to learn. Another issue is the fact that this app is meant for English speaking children, however all of the credits, titles, etc. are in Hindi. This can be pretty frustrating for children trying to move through the app and are just beginning to learn Hindi since there are only a few areas that are in English.


Appy Animals is a language app and is primarily educational in nature, however the developers have made an effort to incorporate other games/activities for children to enjoy. The matching game and the nursery rhyme are good for very young children. The animated nursery rhyme not only includes the words in English and Hindi for children to follow along, but also includes an animated illustrations that are set up almost like a movie. These added areas allow children to enjoy other activities while they learn.


For a paid app Appy Animals doesn’t have enough content and Hindi vocabulary for children to learn at the current price. The main learning activity only includes 8 animals and the other activities aren’t set-up in a way to sufficiently add to their vocabulary so this app might be a bit disappointing for parents looking for a more extensive language app.

Child Friendliness

While the user interface is easy to use in terms of moving through the app, it makes it difficult to read and understand when the titles, credits, etc. are not in English. Since this app is meant to teach Arabic to English speaking children, it is disappointing not to have an English setting as an option.

One thing parents can appreciate about this app is that there are no social media links, in-app purchases, or any other advertisements to be concerned about so it is safe to use.

Available on the App Store

Appy Animals is a basic language app that teaches Hindi to English speaking children.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars