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  • ABC Go
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  • Last modified: October 8, 2013
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Review Summary:

ABC Go is a wonderful educational app that teaches children a variety of words related to modes of transportation and is a great addition to the Little Explorers ABC series.


ABC Go is another great app in the Little Explorers ABC series that allows children to explore various modes of transportation. This app includes traditional vehicles such as a bus and an airplane, but also more unique vehicles like the xtrapolis and gondola. This educational app is easy to use like the others in the ABC series and is great for parents looking to expand the knowledge and vocabulary of their little one.

Features include:

  • 60+ Vehicle words
  • Easy to use interface
  • Narrated word definitions
  • High quality pictures and videos


ABC Go not only includes 60+ different types of vehicles to learn and explore, but each word is also accompanied by background music and a high quality photograph as well. There is also an interactive piece for each word that includes either a video or a picture to be uncovered by swiping your finger back and forth on the screen to reveal the picture underneath.

The clear pictures included in this app provide nice visual appeal for each word, while the sound effects for the words give children an idea of what the actual vehicle sounds like. The interface is similar to the other apps in the series and is very easy to use.


The best part about the ABC series apps is the educational value. Not only do children get to add various words to their vocabulary, they also get to learn the definitions and view a picture or video of each word so they have an idea of how the vehicle works.

ABC Go appeals to various learners with pictures, written and audio definitions of each word. Once a word is selected, a picture of the word appears on the screen along with the word spelled out at the bottom of the screen. This allows children to also practice spelling each word as well. In order to view and hear the definition of the word, children can tap the little explorer icon on the right side of the screen.

Overall, this app is a great way for little ones that are interested in all things that “go” and parents who want to expand their child’s vocabulary.


Even though this app has an interactive component, it isn’t the most entertaining activity out there. It is clear that the educational piece was the primary focus for developers in this series, but it would be nice to have a game of sorts to maybe test what children have learned. Incorporating a more entertainment driven piece of the app would make it not only more appealing, but it would likely keep the attention of children much longer.


The cost of this app is similar to the others in the series. Priced at just under three dollars, it seems to be a bit more than some parents might want to pay without more of an entertainment component included. And while there is no doubt that children will add to their vocabulary using this app, parents may expect more in the entertainment area because of the price.

Child Friendliness

ABC Go is not only easy to use, but the music and pictures are very appealing to young users. The settings portion of the app does provide a link to more apps by the developer as well as an opportunity to join the mailing list and to email the developers, however it is locked so children are not likely to access it without a parent. There is a very specific way the screen must be swiped in order to gain access to this area which is great for younger users. Parents will also appreciate the fact that there are no in app advertisements or social media links to worry about.

ABC Go is a wonderful educational app that teaches children a variety of words related to modes of transportation and is a great addition to the Little Explorers ABC series.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars