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WebMD Baby was released earlier this month and it is awesome! Seriously one of the best “baby” apps I’ve seen to date. I can’t really categorize this one because it has something for everyone- baby information, journaling, tracking capabilities, a built in baby book and more. The amount of content packed into this free app is truly impressive. It comes with 400 articles, 598 tips and 70 videos. The app is also set up to push out content and tips on a weekly and monthly basis. If you are using it during your baby’s first year you’ll receive a “multimedia content package” every week for that year. You’ll also receive “365 physician approved daily tips”. During your baby’s second year there is a content package for each month and 84 physician tips.

There’s no way I can cover all of the little details that you’ll find in WebMD Baby. What I want to do instead is give you a look at the app’s main features.

  • Home Button –From the app’s home button you can swipe to access several key sections of the app.
  • The Baby Book – Take photos and videos (or import them from your camera roll) and store them in the Baby Book. First you add the memory and then you enter in the Who, What, When and Where. For the “What” WebMD Baby provides a thorough list of suggestions. You can also add in your own specifics. There is also a field where you can add a caption to the photo or video. After saving a memory you can then choose to share it via Facebook or Email. Photos and videos are neatly grouped together and categorized making them easy to sort through and view later on.
  • My Favorite Things – In this section you can record your baby’s favorite things. You’ll find a spot for favorite books, food, videos, animals and more. To add a favorite you simply tap on the category and fill in the text fields. You’ll find a place to add a photo and notes for more details.
  • My New Words – This is a terrific section! It lets you keep track of your baby’s new words and then sorts them by month. Tap a button, enter the word, the app automatically has the date, enter any notes and add a picture if you like. The word is then added to a list for that month. As you add the words you’ll be able to see them listed by month. I really wish I’d had this app when my last baby started talking!
  • Baby 101 – Baby 101 is the information section of WebMD Baby. Here you’ll find articles and videos on a variety of topics. They’re grouped into categories and then broken down into subcategories. This section can also be searched by keyword. Categories include the following: Baby & Toddler Care, Ilnesses & Emergencies, Parenting Tips, Baby Week by Week, Ask the Pediatrician, Milestones and many more. I was pleased to see that there’s information here that goes beyond the infant stage.
  • Journal – The Journal section has a button that will take you back to the Baby Book. It also buttons for a growth chart and trackers for diaper changes, sleep and feeding. The trackers are very easy to use which I think is key when you’re a new parent and sleep deprived. Entries are made with a few simple taps and limited amounts of typing.
  • You will need to create a free WebMD account in order to use the app. I’m not sure why this is the case but when you do create the account use YOUR birthday, not your child’s. If you use your child’s you won’t be approved for the account, I’m assuming because of the age. You will enter your child’s birthday later on when you create their profile. This reminds me of another nice feature, WebMD Baby supports multiple children. I’m always so pleased to see this in an app for keeping memories!
  • I think WebMD has created a terrific free resource for parents with this app. I do have a few “wish list” features for future updates. The first is more illustrations. I’m always looking for images when my children have an illness that I can’t figure out. Not always a good thing to do I admit! The second is to allow parents to create their child’s profile before the child is born. Right now it appears that you can only enter in birth dates, not due dates into the app. It makes sense since this is not a pregnancy app but for parents who want to get a head start it would be nice if they could get things set up ahead of time. The ability to sync between devices would also be a wonderful feature so that moms and dads could share information and help each other keep track of baby’s milestones. All of that being said this is a free app and a wonderful one at that. My wish list would be only be extra icing on the cake.This could have easily been an app that was only a resource for information. It would have been an excellent one but WebMD has gone above and beyond with the addition of the Baby Book, Journal and Favorite Things, etc. They’ve created an intuitive app that is useful on several levels. They’ve created an app I wish I’d been able to use when my last baby was born.
    Now one final request. You’re on a roll WebMd so can you keep it going with WebMD Children? What do you say to expanding to include the older kids?Price when Reviewed: Free
    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    Seller: WebMD

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