The Tale of the Missing Acorns HD – Mystery Theme Studybook

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Review Summary:

Mrs. Squirrel is in search of the thief who stole her acorns. Come along as the mystery unfolds and stay tuned for the surprise at the end. A separate iPhone version is available, but it does not contain all of the features included in the iPad version.

This multi-purpose app contains a mystery of missing acorns and 10 learning activities. Multiple language and story options are available.



Mrs. Squirrel is in search of the thief who stole her acorns. Come along as the mystery unfolds and stay tuned for the surprise at the end.

A separate iPhone version is available, but it does not contain all of the features included in the iPad version.

Features include:

  • Three story modes
  • Study mode
  • In-app tutorial
  • Multiple languages


Nicely designed for ages 4 to 6, the app is divided into two separate areas with the option to integrate them.

Multiple options for reading the story are available; read to me, read to myself and read with parents. The read with parents option is where you will go to record your own voice.

All text in the areas intended for use by children can be narrated and highlighted. It can be repeated as needed and highlighting is in pace with narration. The voice for the English version is not American English so some pronunciations may be different; such as the letter Z in the alphabet exercise or words like basket.

One language can be selected as the main language for the app and another can be selected for use within the story. Multiple languages are available.

A navigation menu, which includes buttons for the story, study area, settings, more apps and info, is available on all pages and is tucked away nicely; page arrows and a page index are also available for moving around. At the end of the story the reader is automatically returned to the main menu.

The illustrations and music are enjoyable; the softness of the illustrations is especially appealing.

In-app tutorial provides guidance for the entire app, not just the story. It is brief, but includes enough direction to get you going.

Multiple ways to customize use of the app are included, enjoy just the story or choose to combine the story with the learning activities. Background music and sound effects can be muted.


The app includes 10 study categories, in addition to the story, such as music, shapes, grouping, colors, alphabet, numbers, comparisons, weight, division and directions. A few examples of what can be expected are:

In the Alphabet area is a dot-to-dot type activity using upper or lower case letters.

Kids will sort fruits and vegetables, in the grouping activity, by correctly placing the object into the correct basket. If the user cannot read the labels on the basket, they can touch the label to hear it spoken.

Two different pictures are presented in the Comparison activity; the user will need to identify the differences.

Candy and a balance scale are used in the Weight learning activity. The user places large and small candy balls onto the scale until it balances.

Numbered stones need to be placed in the proper order in the Numbers activity. As part of the exercise, numbers need to be traced; however, correct strokes are not enforced.

Stars are awarded each time an activity is completed, and the activities can be played an unlimited number of times. Positive feedback is provided throughout the activities. Parents can see at a glance how many times activities have been completed, after five or more times a gold star is awarded. The whiny voice used for incorrect answers or actions gets irritating quickly.

The story is a good mystery for young kids. With Mrs. Squirrel hot on the trail of her acorn thief the story can incorporate the learning activities or you can opt not to include them. The learning activities included in the story add nicely to the story. Multiple language options are available.


This app offers entertainment in multiple ways. The story leaves the reader wanting to continue to the end in order to find the thief. You are lead to believe that it is a specific character, but then are completely surprised by the ending. Light interactivity is included in the story.

The learning activities are focused on educational objectives, but kids are more likely to think the games are for entertainment than learning. Five to six problems are used in the rotation and are randomly generated within each category; adding additional problems would up the entertainment rating.


The app contains a good amount of quality content, provides educational and entertainment opportunities in an enjoyable and fairly child-safe environment.

Child Friendliness

With a little direction, young children will be able to navigate the story and study area. The external links are tucked away on the navigation menu, but appear next to the buttons the children use. The buttons intended for parents are not protected so you may want to advise little ones not to use them. The app does not contain in-app purchases or ad

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