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Review Summary:

Following the magic wand in Sophie’s Drawings kids will learn to draw common objects.

Sophie’s Drawings is a guided drawing app for kids ages 3-7.


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Following the magic wand in Sophie’s Drawings kids will learn to draw common objects.

Features include:

  • Three drawing categories
  • Easy-to-use interface



Overall, Sophie’s Drawings is a pleasant app, with cheery music, vibrant colors and nice graphics.

Sophie is a cute little girl who watches over, providing feedback, while children draw. Feedback for drawing correctly is cute; however, the feedback for when a line is drawn not quite right is terribly annoying. We teach young kids to use their words instead of making sounds. This app needs to set a better example.

The concept of the app is for kids to draw lines following the magic wand to complete the object; such as a house, octopus and more. The glittery guide line can be difficult to follow at times. Something easier to follow, such as a dashed line or darker colored glitter, would be better.

Providing a glimpse of the next object upon first entering the drawing page, when moving from one drawing to the next in the group, would be helpful; otherwise, the user does not know what they will be drawing. Users must complete the drawings in order within a group.


Choose from three categories to learn to draw common objects. The Hello and Farm groups contain five drawings each and the Sea contains four. The user must complete the first drawing in a group before proceeding onto the next.

The drawing is completed by following the magic wand. Line color and weight can be changed easily on the drawing screen. Nine basic colors are available to choose from. An eraser can be used if desired though may not be needed often. A line is not kept on the screen unless it follows the guide line pretty closely. This is where the frustration can come in due to the light colored guide line and the annoying feedback indicating it is not correct. A magic wand can draw the line for the user, if desired.


Cheery music and colors make for an entertaining environment. Sounds and music can be muted. Adding more drawings and changing the feedback sound would increase the entertainment value for this app.

After the child completes a drawing they are rewarded with a magical version of it. Drawings can be shared through e-mail or saved to the photos directory on your device.


While this app is a very nicely designed app and uses high quality elements to make it educational and entertaining, the price is a little more than one would expect when considering the number of drawings and features.

A lite version is available in iTunes.

Child Friendly

Young users are able to choose their activity and navigate the app easily.

A ratings pop-up appears in between drawings; a ratings pop-up is not necessary in an app for kids. Links or buttons like this should be placed in a menu for parents. The app does not contain social media, in-app purchases or ads.

Following the magic wand in Sophie’s Drawings kids will learn to draw common objects.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars