Rosie's Boat Takes Shape

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Rosie’s Boat Takes Shape teaches basic shape recognition to young children. The app centers around Rosie’s broken boat and finding the items she needs to repair the boat. Rosie travels to different locations and completes tasks that focus on one of four different shapes – rectangles, triangles, circles, and squares. Each location Rosie visits reinforces both the name and the image of the shape and ends with a game where children practice identifying the specified shape. After completing the game, Rosie is provided one of the items she needs to repair her boat. Once Rosie has all the items she needs, children help her repair her boat by moving the items to the correct location on the boat. Additionally, two bonus games unlock after Rosie’s boat is repaired.

One bonus game includes the same locations and games that Rosie has already journeyed to and completed, but also includes an advanced shape activity that introduces children to diamonds, stars, hearts, and semi-circles.

The second bonus game allows players to navigate Rosie’s boat through the water. The narrator speaks the name of a shape and players avoid the obstacles in the water in order to navigate the boat through the gate with the image of the spoken shape. The name of the shape also appears at the top of the screen and players can tap the microphone to have the name of the shape repeated.

The settings section of the app allows users to mute the narration, reset the game, and select the number of questions to ask in the bonus game. A link to Unit11’s website is also accessible through the settings section.

There are no social media links or in-app purchases in Rosie’s Boat Takes Shape.

Bottom Line

This app introduces and reinforces basic shape recognition to younger children in an enjoyable way. “Rosie’s Boat Takes Shape” is an educational interactive story that teaches young children the basic 2D shapes. This interactive App will help your child to recognise and name the following: Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Star, Diamond, Semi-circle and Heart.

Rosie is an enthusiastic child, who is trying to collect parts for her damaged boat. Your child then helps Rosie in her mission. They will visit a farm, a shop, and a factory as well as a lookout point to collect parts for the boat where they will learn about basic shapes and practice what they have learnt.

To provide learning reinforcement, when your child completes the story, a special bonus game is unlocked with Rosie in her boat.

The story is fully narrated and if desired the audio can be muted.