Reading Comprehension Level 1 Passages

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The new Reading Comprehension Level 1 Passages app for iPad is designed to build your child’s reading comprehension skills with fun reading exercises and plenty of positive reinforcement.

This app delivers strong reading comprehension tests through unique and engaging content, covering topics from tree frogs to sportsmanship. I really liked the variety of topics covered in the app (there are 20 in all) and think that helps keep the app evergreen. Your little learner is bound to have a few favorites. Mine think the solar system items and animal passages are the best.

Here’s how it works. You can create up to four unique reader profiles in the app, notating each one with a customizable name. The name interface does not automatically capitalize the first letter of the name, which is a bit annoying. So just remember to push the capitalization button before you start typing.

Once a profile is created, your child can choose from the 20 written entries. When they’re done reading, it’s on to the comprehensive questions. The questions stay up alongside the written passages, making the app ideal for young learners. I do wish it had an option to increase the difficulty by displaying these separately. That would extend the app’s shelf life considerably, but it’s still great for younger readers as is.

Each passage has four questions to answer. Every correct answer is met with a bit of positive reinforcement, which I love. If your child gets all four questions right there’s a celebration, which, to be honest, is a bit annoying. Thankfully there’s an option to turn the celebration off entirely. I wish there was a tap to conclude option, because kids do get used to seeing the dancing monkey.

Another awesome feature of this app: the progress report. You can see how many times your little one has attempted each passage and see how many questions they’ve gotten correct. I do love a good reporting feature, and this one could be even better if it told you which question they got wrong so you could help fix the issue.

Bottom line

Reading Comprehension Level 1 Passages is a nice reading skills building app with a fair price tag. A few updates could really make it shine.

Reading Comprehension level 1 Passages is an interactive and educational app, developed to assist parents, teachers and caregivers in teaching their children to learn the essential skill of reading comprehension.

✦ The ability to keep track of multiple readers (up to four).

✦ Engaging and educational passages pertinent to everyday life.

✦ Follow-up questions that challenge your child to remember what he or she just read.

✦ A fun and entertaining congratulatory experience when all questions have been answered correctly.

✦ Progress reports for each child accessible from within the app.
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