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Pin’s Penguin Puzzler HD is a game all about strategy as you help precious little Pin get home safely to his igloo. Pin, the penguin, must break the ice and collect fish along the way.

Games can be played against the timer or without. If playing without the timer, you will not receive stars for collecting fish. The app contains 60 levels that become more difficult as the game progresses. You must unlock one level before progressing to the next.

Music and sounds can be muted, if desired; otherwise, they add nicely to the game. The graphics are crisp and bold colors are used throughout. A brief in-app help is available. There was some confusion on the part of my testers regarding how to make Pin jump. They found he doesn’t actually jump, as in move up off the ground, but merely walks across the empty space between two blocks.

The game becomes difficult rather quickly for a kid’s app. It is rated 4+ in iTunes, but it might be better suited for 8+, especially when playing against the timer.

When in a level it would be nice to have an option to exit back to the menu. An option is not available until the level ends.

The app does contain an external link the developer’s web page, but it is tucked away nicely in a location kids are not likely to click on it. It does not contain in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons.

Pin’s Penguin Puzzler HD is an iPad only game. An iPhone version is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Pin’s Penguin Puzzler HD is a challenging kid’s game app that will have your child brushing the dust off of their thinking cap!
Pin’s Penguin Puzzler is a challenging logic puzzle game for kids and adults.

The premise is simple:
Help Pin the Penguin destroy all of the ice blocks and return to his igloo! Pin may walk from block to block, or jump up to two squares from block to block. Every time Pin walks or jumps off of an ice block, it breaks and falls into the water.

Two game modes:

(1) Beat the clock! When the time runs out, all of the ice blocks break. Catch the three fish for an extra bonus — but be quick, because the fish disappear as the time runs out!

(2) Non-timed game; you have unlimited time, but earn no bonus stars for catching fish.

Pin’s Penguin Puzzler includes 60 levels of increasing difficulty.

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