October 16 Newsletter: Halloween is Coming!

When October rolls around each year, there are two things that come to mind: costumes and candy. And here at The iPhone Mom we’re gearing up for the sweetest holiday with some candy, and some great apps of course! Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was a little girl. I can remember how exciting it was to go to the costume store to choose what I wanted to be, ultimately deciding to be a witch for the third year in a row after a few hours of shopping. Whether you carve pumpkins or make candy apples, each family has their own traditions to make the holiday fun and festive for their kids. I love seeing all of the creative hand-made costumes that come to my door each year, and I am so impressed with the parents who have the talent to put those costumes together. Maybe one of these years I’ll tackle a project like that myself. In the meantime, I’ll stick to recommending some great Halloween-themed apps for your family to get in the Halloween spirit this year.

We have begun to see a stream of Halloween review requests roll in and will have more new apps ready for the next newsletter.  This week, we have a contest with two Halloween apps, a new app in this week’s Ten for Tuesday list and some favorite Halloween themed apps that have come in throughout the year.

  1. Our Ten for Tuesday list this week highlights Singing Monster Nutcracker feat. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman & Zombie
  2. The Monsters Family is a wonderful app designed especially for preschoolers. The Monsters Family app is designed to help develop and reinforce some of the most important foundations for preschooler learning (ages 2 through 5); such as learning about colors and words and much more! This app features six different games that are each led by a different member of the Monsters family.
  3. iLuv Drawing Monsters allows children to follow along, step by step, tracing monster templates. When they are finished they’ll have a monster of their own to color, put in front of a background, accessorize and more.
  4. Feed the Monster lets children design their own monster to play with; change your monster’s body shape, eyes, arms, legs, horns, mouth, color, and name. Once the monster is looking just right it is time for them to eat. Various foods will pass by the little monster. Feed him until he is so full that he explodes into a bunch of little monsters
  5. Spooky Playtime is an oldie but goody!  Spooky Playtime invites kids to play 5 different games with several different spooky friends. I use the word spooky but they’re actually an adorable witch, mummy and ghost.
  6. We never did a full review of Elly Book 9 but did review most of the other Elly books! In Book 9, Elly is invited to a spooky themed costume party!
  7. Elmo’s Monster Maker is an app we reviewed this way back when in 2010 but it was recently updated.
  8. This week, we have two awesome Halloween apps in our contest section. Click on over to enter the contest! Peek-a-Boo Trick or Treat and The Scariest Halloween Story Ever Told are both fun and family-friendly apps that your little ones will love.  We also have a second page of contests currently running: Time For Fun and Games, includes an app I reviewed a few months ago called Petit Frite. I adored this game and found it to be terrifically engaging for toddlers. Click here to enter (you can enter for all the apps featured). This page of contests closes on October 19, so enter soon. And be sure to stay tuned to the site in the remaining weeks leading up to Halloween, as we’ll have more contests next week and a special Halloween app review live on the 31st. Most importantly, we at the iPhone Mom want to wish everyone a very sweet, safe and APPY Halloween!


    Below you’ll find a few other notable apps that have really stood out to us at TheiPhonemom.com over the last couple of weeks.

    There have been so many great apps in the last few weeks that it is hard to limit our highlighting to just the few apps below. In brief, check out these four educational apps: Math Harvest which increases in difficulty from addition through division, Pre-K HD apps reinforce numbers and letters to preschoolers, 123 Kids Fun Games is full of activities for pre reading and math skills and Wee Alphas, an adorable alphabet app. Roads of Rome II is an epic adventure game to take a break from all that learning! Magical Music Box will take you back in time. And finally, a great way to turn your iPhone into a personal alarm system with My Force and Guard My Angel.

  9. The House That Went on Strike: It’s no secret at TheiPhoneMom.com that I adore interactive stories! The House That Went on Strike is an adorable original story from Jumping Pages, Inc. that tells the tale of an unkempt house that becomes fed-up and has to team up with the appliances to get its family to shape up!Caboose: We’re hitting the rails for a cross-country learning adventure with Caboose! An innovative way to introduce or reinforce sorting and pattern recognition for your Pre-schooler or Kindergartner, Caboose is just the ticket. Conducted down the tracks of America by a cute, blue dinosaur, your preschooler will journey from New York City to Seattle as they load cargo on the “caboose” in patterns.

    This is My Body – Anatomy for Kids: This unique app is designed to teach children the basics of human anatomy. I have not seen another app like this and thought it was a great learning tool! An interactive and thorough app that was created by a team of medical doctors, educators and parents – and that kids will be sure to love.

    Bamba Pizza: Watching a group of little kids feeding a monster a pizza of their own creation made me wish they would give me back my iPad so I could take a video of them giggling together! Bamba Pizza is an adorable, well done pizza-making game for the iPad that lets players make pizzas with toppings that might surprise you! The finished product is fed to a character who might have an interesting reaction to the creation!

    Math Fun 1st Grade and Math Fun 2nd Grade: These are among the most comprehensive math apps I have seen and will be a great tool to help reinforce your child’s school learning. Both apps have 10 activities with over 200 equations to focus on different aspects of addition & subtraction (1st grade) and multiplication & division (2nd grade).


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