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Addicting and challenging for the whole family, Monster Difference, is a new universal app. Free to download, additional content is available through an in-app purchase that once made is available on multiple devices.

The initial download comes with three puzzles per difficulty level; twelve additional puzzles, per level, come with the in-app purchase. Difficulty levels are Easy, Medium and Hard. The number of items to find differs between levels; for example, in the Easy mode, you will need to find three items and in Hard, you will need to find seven. Each puzzle is timed, 30 seconds is given no matter which level you are playing. The app is suggested for kids 6+ years old, but some may still find 30 seconds is too short and become frustrated easily.

Each time a puzzle is played the items to be found will be different. If you fail to complete the puzzle, there is an option of seeing what items were missed. The puzzle must be completed prior to moving on to the next puzzle; however, you can move between levels without first completing the Easy level. The Easy and Medium levels do not need to be completed prior to playing the Hard level.

Monster Difference is easy to use, simple enough for kids to use without many directions. Design components such as the music, sounds, colors and graphics do a great job adding to the monstery fun. The app can be addicting, you find yourself wanting to give it one more try.

You will want to caution the kids about the Rating and More Apps buttons, on the main page, and the in-app purchase button, on the puzzles screen. Pressing these buttons will cause them to exit the app or to make an undesired purchase. The in-app purchase button disappears once it has been purchased. Moving these buttons to a parents-only screen to protect children from accessing them could potentially increase the app’s star rating. The app does not contain ads or social media buttons.

Bottom line

Monster Difference is addicting and challenging, loads of family fun; suggested for ages 6+ due to time limit given on puzzles. App does contain an in-app purchase and external links.
Monster Difference is a fun game for the whole family. Find the differences between these awesome monsters. Think fast and discover them! The clock is ticking!

First 3 levels for free! Full game for only $0.99, you will love it!

Have fun while you and your kids improve attention skills and exercise their brain.


3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Find 3 differences in Easy, 5 in Medium and 7 in Hard mode.

You will have 30 seconds.

The differences change every time you play.

Find every difference to proceed to the next level.

Each mistake will cost you time.

If you lose you can see the solution.

Tricky differences to make you keep looking.

Intuitive gameplay and user interface.

Regular Price: free +