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Kid-Capsule lets you create, keep and share your precious moments with ease, thanks to the app’s straightforward user interface and multiple sharing options.

Keeping a baby book can be a lot of work, not to mention time consuming. That’s why I love apps like Kid-Capsule. It makes keeping track of the important things a little easier as time goes whooshing by, especially during those first few busy years.

How to Use It

To use Kid-Capsule you’ll create a profile for each child in your family, recording their name, date of birth, hair color and other important details. Then the fun begins. You can record children’s weight, height, delivery method, location and even your doctor and hospital information.

In the events tab you can use the app’s categories to commemorate your child’s progress, from their first steps and words to their friends, vacations and artistic endeavors. Or, of course, you can create custom headings and save anything you please.

All of the sections of Kid-Capsule support importing and attaching pictures and videos. So not only can you record written details and dates, you have a super easy way to organize photos alongside milestones.

Our Favorite Things About Kid-Capsule

Two features really stand out about this app. One is the intuitive search function. As you use Kid-Capsule, it’s going to start holding a lot of precious data. Finding it is never more than a simple search away. We did have a little bit of a responsiveness issue with this though, but more about that in a minute.

We also really love the sharing options in this app. Not only can you send fun scrapbook style pages with videos, photos, event details and more via email and to other Kid-Capsule users, you can actually post events directly to Facebook, as long as you aren’t trying to share a video.

Functionality Issues

While using and navigating Kid-Capsule is relatively easy, we did have a little problem with the app’s responsiveness. Specifically, when you are looking at a video or picture and want to use the search function it doesn’t always work. It also doesn’t let you use the button to change from the photo area to the video section. This was the only big problem we encountered while running the app on the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 4 and on an iPad 2.

Bottom line

Some of this app’s features are wonderful, such as the sharing options and the search function, but does have a bug or two and we wish it exported data as easily opened files.