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Coloring, fun new animal friends, and an absolutely kid-friendly environment combine in Kandoobi. This amazing app goes out of its way to rock an entirely kid-friendly interface, and manages to be lots of fun for toddler-age tykes along the way.

The Kandoobi app contains four play sections: coloring, scratch and fill, matching and letters. The exercises star a cast of fun (and unique!) animals. There are more than 100 different critters for kids to get to know. The activities range from play that’s perfect for even the youngest animal enthusiast to explore on their own (you can’t get much easier than scratch and fill, and the app even knows when the image is almost entirely colored and progresses automatically) to a letters game that’s designed to help kids learn how to spell and say the names of their favorite animal friends that makes for perfect play together time.

I really appreciated the quality and variety among the animal characters. These images aren’t your run-of-the mill photo representations. Each is a little quirky and special, sporting a signature cartoon style that I really loved. It didn’t hurt that the kids were instantly smitten, wandering from animal to animal to learn their names and color their favorites. The app also supports saving the coloring pages right to your camera roll, another win in my book.

It seems the folks at Kandoobi believe that kid’s apps don’t need any outside links, and I couldn’t agree more. Even a separate parent’s info page rocked a written out website that didn’t lead anywhere. Finally, an app I can hand the kiddos without worrying about ANYTHING.

Bottom line

Kandoobi earns top marks for kid-friendliness and activities that can grow with its toddler crowd.

Kandoobi Animals is a top rated 4-in-1 play and learning activity app for toddlers and young children who like coloring, scratch & fill, matching and simple spelling activities. The Animals app features 100+ original, charming and colorful animal, bug and reptile characters in an environment that promotes learning, discovery and development of motor skills. Great for parent and child time and easy enough for toddlers to play on their own. Kids love Kandoobi! Regular Price: 2.99