Juicy Math

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Juicy Math lets learners practice basic math skills in both addition and subtraction. This app contains 3 games that focus on either addition, subtraction, or a mixed review of both addition and subtraction. Each game follows the same format – three math problems on the screen that the player needs to complete. Each part of the equation is represented by a square containing a specific number of various fruits. Beginning learners can count the number of fruit in each square and then drag the appropriate card with the actual number symbol (1, 2, 3 etc.) to the square (the number will not “stick” in the square if it is the wrong number). For children who like to tap as they count, the fruit will change color when touched, and a running tally appears in the upper corner of the box. After the number cards are placed in the the correct square, the answer (in fruit images) will appear so players drag the correct number card to the square and solve the equation. Children with more advanced math knowledge can simply drop and drag the correct number card to the answer square and the rest of the numbers will automatically fill in.

This app promotes number sense and recognition in a way that is easy for kids to play and practice. After each set of 3 problems is completed, a statistics screen appears letting the player know how long it took them to complete the problems, and gives a three-star rating system. The only correlation I can figure out for earning stars relates to the number of incorrect number choices the player makes. The more times a player tries to put an incorrect number in a square, the less stars the player earns. Time does not seem to be a factor in the number of stars earned. There is no incentive for the stars (i.e., a certain number of stars lets the player add a sticker to a sticker page) other than accumulating stars.

Parents also have the added feature of checking game statistics. The statistics page simply notes the length of time the app is played, breaking it down by length of time each individual game is played, the number of stars collected, and the number of games that have been played. The statistics do not include the breakdown of percentages of correct vs. incorrect answers.

This app does not contain any links to social media sites or in-app purchases.

Bottom Line

An easy way for young learners to practice basic math skills and enhance their number sense and number recognition. This game will fascinate players from 4 till 10, and help them develop and improve basic math skills, all while having fun!

“Juicy Math is a great way for those starting to learn basic math facts to practice.” – Nicole, www.iheartthisapp.com

* Retina iPad support!
* Three game modes: Addition, Subtraction, and Mix with additions and subtractions tasks generated randomly!

This app is designed to help babies understand the basic ideas of addition and subtraction. All animations and highlights on the game are specially designed to show the mathematics principles.

Numbers and pictures are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

Depending on children age the game could be played by first touching every fruit to count them, or just by putting the results card on its placeholder.

Important feature for parents – you can check overall game progress on the statistics screen from the main menu, so you can always track and monitor how your baby is doin