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With all the fun animations, smart science and interactive scenes, your kids are going to want to live in Jeffy’s World. This educational app for the iPad is one in a Jeffy series of apps that explain educational topics in a fun, easily understood way that kids actually like.

The sun, earth, moon and seasons are the stars of this app. And, of course, so is Jeffy. This little character helps children visualize the way the Earth, moon and sun move in relation to each other. With those simple motions the app helps children understand the phases of the moon, why the earth experiences seasons and what it all means for them. It’s really quite revolutionary.

Jeffy’s World is visually stunning, with interesting animations, screens that are easy to navigate and extra info tucked throughout the app making parents’ jobs of teaching that much easier.

It’s also really fun. There are cool tasks tucked throughout the app that will get kids thinking about the seasons. This app is designed for kids ages 6 and up, so it’s ideal for all levels of learning from first grade straight through middle school science.

If you have a child with a curious nature, or if your little one is learning about the seasons, sun, moon, planets, etc. this app is a perfect addition to your app collection. And the price isn’t half bad either. Jeffy’s World costs $.99 and looks beautiful on the iPad. It was a big hit around these parts, where some of the audience was a bit young to be learning about the phases of the moon, but still thought Jeffy was pretty cool. This app is staying on my iPad for when they are big enough to learn these things, and I’m really glad it came through Best Apps for Kids for a review.

Bottom line

Jeffy’s World is a smart, beautiful app with a great price tag and wonderful visual learning opportunities.

Why do we have day and night? Why is the winter cold and summer warm? Why is the moon sometimes shaped like a banana? Not so easy to explain.
But now children can find out themselves: in Jeffy’s World, a playfull serious app for children and parents.

Jeffy is a funny, but a little short tempered character that needs your help. By helping Jeffy, you discover how time, seasons and the movement of the world are interrelated.

Jeffy’s World contains:
-3D models of the world, the Sun and the Moon
-12 short animations
-interactive info graphics explaining the seasons and the appearance of the moon.
-Visualization of how a year, a month and a day come to be.
-extra information for parents

The Jeffy-series let’s 6+ kids learn the stuff they want -or need- to know in a fun, interactive way. It helps parents to answer their children’s’ questions and enables them to play and learn together.

Jeffy’s Apps are created by Qlvr, a Dutch studio specialized in educational apps and serious games. Regular Price: $ 0,99