How to Clean Up Your iPad 3


What is the first thing I did after buying a new iPad 3? I downloaded loads of apps to take full advantage of the gorgeous screen. The only downside is that apps are space-sucking culprits. They use up disk space on whatever iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) you’re using, until the smartphone or tablet becomes maddeningly slow.

To prevent this from happening to my iPad, I tried a new, free program called PhoneClean by iMobie this weekend. (Despite the name, it works on all iOS devices including the iPad 3). This is a great solution for those of you who want to free up space, without getting rid of your apps. PhoneClean scans your device for temporary files, junk files and useless caches, and gives you the option to delete them. Did you know that apps generate a ton of extraneous junk files that languish on your device and devour disk space? I did not have a clue.

1. The best thing about PhoneClean is that it’s super easy to use and works fast. To get started, I downloaded the program on my computer. (Currently, the freeware download is only compatible with Windows.) I had the program installed and set up in under 2 minutes.

2. After installing PhoneClean, the program prompted me to connect my iPad 3 to the computer. The program instantly recognized the iPad and calculated how much storage space I had left. (Not as bad as I had thought!)

3. Next, the program quickly scanned my iPad 3 and listed the total amount of junk files that needed to be removed.

4. I hit the “clean” button and voila — the program banished the junk files and restored 280 MB of space on my iPad.


Sure, that’s not a lot of storage space, but my iPad is still relatively new. Imagine what a handy tool this could be if your device is running out of space and has become terribly slow. The program is a quick fix to have it run faster and more smoothly again.


Note from TheiPhoneMom: Thanks for trying out this program!  It sounds like you found it useful.  I also want to remind our readers that if they find their devices full of apps that are not being used anymore, you can delete them from your device and still have the ability to redownload them from the app store at a later date as long as they are still available on iTunes.  Simply log in to your Apple account and in the app store, tap on the “purchased” button on the navigation bar.  You will see a list of all of your previously purchased apps.  Tap on the app you would like to redownload and you are good to go!

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