Free App Friday – Sept 21st, 2012

We’re releasing Free App Friday a little early for our friends on other continents (Hello Australasia!). Some of these apps won’t go free until tonight and, occasionally, some will revert to paid. It is always important to check the app store for the correct price before you purchase. If apps do revert to paid during Friday 6am – 8pm PST, we remove then.

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Don’t forget to check out previous Free App Fridays as some apps will stay free for longer than a week, however we generally don’t repeat free apps for a while.

Well, enjoy the apps – and please feel free to tell us your favorite apps from our loooong list on Free App Friday!


Madagascar Movie Storybook Collection

I Like Flies!

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour

The Smurfs Hide & Seek with Brainy

Infinite Surf

Sleep Pillow Baby Lullaby

Curlington HD

Toca Kitchen Monsters


Spy Tools for Kids

Professor Kim : What´s missing here?

The Opposites

Annie’s Picking Apples

Toybox Racer

The Animated ABC book of Machines

Alien Assignment

Missing Letters: Vowels

Learn Mandarin with Penyo Pal Dance Party

Busy Farm


 ABC Flash Cards Maze Tilt



Space Mathematics: Addition and Subtraction


Hello Teddy vol4


Learn Numbers for Kids


XYLOPHONE for kids


Funny Alphabet – interactive ABC game




Kindergarten: Fun Interactive World



A Fun Quiz



Christmas Holiday Match


Listen ‘n Touch



Mix & Match Carnival – Costumed Kids


Meteor Math



Words Puzzle: Kids Learn


Josh & Emma Go to the Beach


Joule – the small naughty boy


Animal Paradise