Free App Friday – August 17, 2012

We’ve been focusing on Back To School apps for the last couple of weeks, this week we’re planning on doing 2 posts. This post is features a variety of kids apps that are FREE for Free App Friday. Also check out this week’s Back To School edition of Free App Friday – Free App Friday: Language Arts.

We do not review these apps, so please make sure that you check the app out before you hand it off to your children. If you have concerns about the app, please feel free to leave a comment and we will check out the app so we can either add a disclaimer or remove the app from the list.


Marble Math

Check out our NEW 5 star review for Marble Math

Bean Bag Kids present Little Red Riding Hood

My Funimals

123 learn addition

Happy English 1

Kid vs Dog

100 Fun Words by Tinytapps

Kids Logic HD

ABCKids 1 : Alphabet and Numbers HD

Lesson 3 for Grade A Kids

Insects A-Z By Tinytapps

Kids Playground

Toy Adventure

Lilys Play House III

Alphabet Learn

MegaBloks Playground HD

Strange Horse

3D Shape Sorter

A&B Maths


Captain Tooth

Math Play Shop

Time To Go To Bed

iStory To the Rescue