Feed The Animals

Available in the App Store

One thing’s for sure, animals and kids are a great match. Needless to say, that means my tykes love the new Feed The Animals app. This universal app comes from Curious Fingers, and engages kiddos in an animal feeding game where they’re rewarded with stickers. What’s not to love about that?

The Good

In Feed The Animals, the graphics, sounds and user interface are really great. This app has some hidden potential to help little ones with motor skills thanks to a drag and drop interface. I’m a big fan of sneaky skill improvement. The app also encourages reasoning and learning, as kids come to associate the right food type with the correct animal.

Then of course, there are the animals. The variety is really very nice. It took my kids a bit to make the full circle, and, when they did, the animals displayed in a random order, so there was a bit of mystery involved which is nice. As usual, I like the iPad best for apps, although this one works on the iPhone and iPod touch as well.

The Bad

There’s a plus sign button on the app’s first page that leads to a page containing outside links. I know, it’s hard for developers to resist doing this, but kids are too smart by half. I highly recommend tapping play and then handing the app to your little one, although, technically, they could still hit the home button in the upper left-hand corner and then tap the plus sign to access the non-kid-friendly page.

Bottom line

The price is definitely right with this app. Feed The Animals is vibrant, smart and something toddlers are bound to like. Beware hidden outside links.

Feed the Animals consists of a set of different animals that are popular among the toddlers and preschoolers. Each screen features one animal with three different food options. The child has to select the correct food item and drag it to the animal’s mouth. The animal will merrily chomp away the food making a clatter of funny sounds and cute faces. On successfully feeding a pack of animals the child will also be rewarded with stickers to place on a special sticker page. This element aspires the child to remember the correct answer and makes the app more engaging for playing repeatedly.

The app strives to educate a child about the eating habits of different animals. It improves their general knowledge, memory and cognitive skills. The remarkable chewing sounds and appealing visual graphics make it a wholesome learning experience. The child-friendliness of this app is evident from the simplicity of its design and easy to use menus. Regular Price: 0.99