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FaceIt could be compared to a digital version of the Mr. Potato Head we all loved as kids, only with more features and the bonus of not having tons of little pieces to keep track of.

This universal game plays the same regardless of device. It offers an area where kids can create faces free style, a game called Face Match where kids can earn additional accessories or body parts and an area where the kids can view all of their creations.

In the New Face, or free style, area kids can create to their hearts content. Not only will they be able to change the hair, eyebrows, eyes, noses, face shapes and ears, but the color of each of those objects can also be changed. The device can be shaken for a crazy face, or my favorite, the crazy color button and if you would rather remove all of the color so you can choose your own colors, there is a button for that, too.

After they are done with their creation it can be saved to the Gallery. From the Gallery it can be e-mailed, printed, saved to the Photos library on your device or deleted.

To earn hats, glasses and bodies kids can play the Face Match game. The games are timed by default, but the timer can be disabled in the Parents section. To play the game, the kids must create a face that matches the one presented at the beginning of the game. The face was shown for about 10 seconds; they are allowed three opportunities to view the original face. If playing a timed game, the face will need to be completed within 90 seconds. The app contains a “smart” timer that adjusts to the player’s skill level.

FaceIt does not contain in-app purchases or ads; however it does contain external links. Most of the links are in the Parents section, except one that can be found on the main page. Ideally, the developer would move this link into the Parents section where it is not as easily accessible to kids.

Bottom line

Looking for a universal app that will not only entertain the kids, but get them to use their imagination? FaceIt is the app for that; simple and easy to use for kids of all ages.
Kids love making up faces, and FaceIt makes it fast and fun! Great for ages 3 – 7! (But older siblings will have fun, too!)

Mix and match face parts with an intuitive tap and slide interface. Make any face you can imagine!

Over 100 billion combinations means lots of replay value; kids will never run out of new faces.

And with new FacePacks added during free updates there will even more combinations after you already own it.

Yes, updates are always free! No in-app purchasing required!

Kids can save their favorites to a gallery for printing and emailing.

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