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Learn math & have fun in the car, waiting in line, at a sibling’s sporting event – wherever!
Get ready for standards tests or just improve skills with customizable addition, subtraction, multiplication or division quizzes – even choose your child’s favorite colors, and sounds.

Great for grades K-4. Also works for prechoolers with help or older kids who would benefit from brushing up or increasing speed.

* Colorful math fact flashcards (seven color schemes to choose from)
* Multiple answers with big, easy-to-press buttons for small fingers
* Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix of two.
* Built-in problem sets for all ages from preschool through elementary school math facts
* Customize drills for your child’s learning needs (for example, focus on 3×1, 3×2… or “doubles only” like 1+1, 2+2…)
* Choose encouraging kids’ voices, electric guitar, harp, or musical tones for feedback
* See the correct answer every time to reinforce learning
* Optional timer display and optional time limits for improving speed and preparing for timed math fact tests
* Earn colored stars
* Tap to choose from recently used problem sets – great for multiple kids with different needs
* Optionally disable screen blanking
* Help kids practice for math standards exams
* NO ADS! – Does not expose kids to advertising the way some free apps do

We tested CardDroid Math a number of children to maximize learning, and we always welcome your suggestions.
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