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Brave Rooney is a fantastic must-have interactive book that exceeds all expectations. Not only does Brave Rooney send the all important message about fitting in with others by being yourself, but the design is exceptional, too.

There is so much to tell you about Brave Rooney’s design; I find the thoughts coming faster than my fingers can type! The book boasts that it contains more than 50 interactive features. I’m not sure if that is true or not, because I was too engrossed in the fabulous graphics, interactive objects, music and story to count them. The combination of those design elements is such a good balance that you are immediately drawn in until the end when you find yourself cheering for Rooney, too.

The book’s settings offers many options to customize the story; such as hiding the text after narration, disabling the interaction during narration, auto page turn, to name just a few. In the settings there is one section just for volume; narrator volume can be adjusted, as can the volume for sound and music. Two languages are available; English or Chinese. There are two options for reading the book; “Read to Me”, which is narrated nicely by the author, or “I can read”. During the read to me, text is highlighted as it is being read; the pace is just right for beginning readers.

The visual page index that is built into this book is easy to use and allows you to quickly move around the book. This is an essential feature to books of this length.

Brave Rooney is a universal app and works well on either device.

This is one book you will not regret downloading. The whole family will love it.