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The Lonely Beast ABC App Review

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Learning letters has never been as fun as it was with Alphabeast. Oh, sure, there are tons of apps out there that can help kids learn the alphabet. For my money, Alphabeast is probably the most fun and visually interesting. Oh yeah, and the kids adored it, too.

Alphabeast stars a character from an award-winning children’s book called The Lonely Beast. So the cast is all-star right from the get-go. This funny, bulky, black beast guides kids through the beautifully illustrated and interactively animated world of the ABCs. Not only does each letter star in its own scene with a word that starts with the appropriate letter, there’s something fun for kids to interact with on each page. Navigating between words is also super-kid-friendly. A simple swipe is all it takes.

There are two things I would change about the Alphabeast iPad app. First, I would do away with the “buy the book” button at the end. That being said, the developers did require it be hit twice in quick succession to work, so that’s nice. I would also like it if the price came down a bit, but, this app is so good that my frugal stance is a bit shaken. Yeah guys, the Alphabeast iPad app is that good. I haven’t seen a better alphabet learning app in a long time.

Bottom line

Alphabeast is like a beautiful storybook-style letter lesson, appropriate for little ones of almost any age and with very few draw backs.

Alphabeast is a flash card ABC app based on Irish illustrator Chris Judge’s much-loved picture book, The Lonely Beast.

Chris has created 26 new interactive hand-drawn scenes featuring the Beast and his friends, to help kids learn the alphabet, discover new words and have heaps of fun all at the same time. From (fully playable) musical instruments and dancing robots, to spinning bow ties and laughing monkeys, this is a very hands-on journey through the alphabet. To demonstrate our commitment to cutting edge technology, the app also includes a Fully Operational Virtual Light Switch.

Put together in a shed at the end of a garden, the three-man team in charge of Alphabeast have created a uniquely designed and illustrated app, sure to trigger lots of giggles in children of all ages. Regular Price: 2.99


The Lonely Beast ABC: Preschool Letters & Alphabet
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