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Share The Adventures of Peter Pan with your emerging reader in this interactive storybook app that’s as beautiful as it is educational. This story is a solid classic, and it’s hard for children to help falling in love with Peter, Wendy and the lost boys as they battle evil Captain Hook with the help of a crocodile that swallowed a clock.

Fun animations, interactive scenes and a healthy dose of educational extras are sure to endear The Adventures of Peter Pan to parents and children alike. Children can enjoy the tale in read-to-me or read-alone style with a fun page flipping interface. This classic comes alive with a little help from fairy dust.

Educational Add-ons

The Adventures of Peter Pan has two main reading modes, one for children up to the age of 5 and the other suggested for kids 6 to 10. In the first version children can enjoy the full story, complete with an interactive pot of fairy dust at the bottom of the screen, and a unique Show Me feature. Tap the Show Me button at the bottom of any scene. Certain words will appear highlighted. Tap any highlighted word to see a picture of it and hear it read aloud. It’s a great way to build word association, even in young children, and the kids in my home loved seeing pictures pop up.

In the second version a cool vowels highlighter and an Explain to Me button join the Show Me feature. A single tap of the vowels button highlights each vowel in red, a great way to help early readers learn letters. The Explain to Me button highlights additional text. Touching one of the Explain to Me words launches a dialogue box with definitions, antonyms and, sometimes, pictures. For a little added interest, both versions have the option of displaying the story text in cursive or in print. The Adventures of Peter Pan is fully supported in English, Dutch, German and French, giving the app additional international appeal.


The app developers at So Ouat have a pretty big catalog of apps and eBooks that are just as great as The Adventures of Peter Pan, but I think dedicating the entire app loading screen and a scroll bar on the homepage to advertising them is a bit inappropriate. You can minimize most of the homepage ads, but they still lurk just below the surface. Clicking an ad launches a dialogue box asking for permission to leave the app and leads to iTunes. These ads do not appear in the story text, so I suggest handing this app to your kids with the story queued up to avoid any confusion.

My kids were also a little frustrated that almost any time they touched the screen the narrative automatically paused. It made playing with the pot of fairy dust and enjoying the interactive screen much less exciting.

Bottom line

The Adventures of Peter Pan is a beautifully illustrated eBook with some really special educational features to help new readers.

Designed for ages 3 to 10, this captivating app introduces a new generation to the adventures of Wendy, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell in an interactive story that will enchant young readers of all skill levels. Two versions of The Adventures of Peter Pan are available: an enhanced HD version for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. ($3.99)
The Adventures of Peter Pan features delightful artwork and engaging “pop-up” animations that bring the wonder of Neverland to life. Both on-screen text and audio narration are included, so children can have the story read to them or read it on their own. In addition, the enhanced HD version of The Adventures of Peter Pan includes interactive learning features such as touch pronunciation (touch a word to hear it spoken), “explain to me” (a word’s definition and its opposite are given, to provide context for unfamiliar words), “show me” (an illustration displays to represent a word), and “Karaoke reading”.

Regular Price: 3.99 HD / 0.99 iPhone