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Does this sound familiar? I have completed baby books and first year scrapbooks for my first two children. My third child has a first year scrapbook. And my fourth child…let’s just say I’ve got some catching up to do before she’s old enough to realize how deprived she is. We do have photographs, plenty of photographs, they’re just all on the camera or computer. One of these days I’ll catch up. Are any of you in the same boat? Diligent record keepers with your first few children but not so much as more bundles of joy came along? Well I just tried out an app that could have saved me from falling into the record keeping black hole. It’s called Sweet Baby and it’s a baby book for your iPad.

Sweet Baby has the look and feel of a traditional baby book. It covers all of the same information and includes places for you to quickly add in details that include baby showers, baby’s arrival and coming home from the hospital. Of course there’s also room for details about baby’s first year and beyond as well. In addition to being able to fill in text you can add in extra pages. These can be media pages with photos or videos. They can be text pages or they can be themed pages like journal entries or sound recordings. I think the ability to add in the videos and sound recordings is a terrific way to make use of the iPad’s power.

Your Sweet Baby book will have a Table of Contents and you can use that to navigate through the book or you can flip through page by page. When you are on the Table of Contents page you can perform some editing. The pre-included pages can be hidden from appearing in your book and the pages you added in can be deleted. All of the pages can be reordered within their sections. For example, you can’t move a page from “The Big Day” up into the “Before You Arrived” section but you can move “The Big Day” pages into any order you wish.

Sweet Baby’s graphics are very crisp and clean. They have the look of a baby book but without an over the top cutesy treatment. It’s more of a modern cute. At least that’s the way my tired mom brain is choosing to describe it. I found the app extremely easy to navigate through and use. That’s key for new parents. Baby books are stored in a “library” and you can have more than one book there at a time. Books can also be exported, either through email or directly to your computer. You may email out a page at a time or you can send over a file that contains PDFs of the book pages. If you’d like a hard copy of your book you can purchase an Era of Legacy book from Brax-Apps. You would email them your Sweet Baby pages and they would print them professionally for you to put in an heirloom book.

Sweet Baby impressed me with it’s thoroughness. It isn’t a difficult app to learn, it will save tired parents time and they will find themselves staying ahead of the record keeping game. You’ll see that the app’s cost is on the higher end but if you consider what you’d pay for a hard cover baby book and the extra media you can add to Sweet Baby then it seems like more of a deal. Especially when you factor in the fact that Sweet Baby lets you create multiple books. Without a doubt this is an app that I wish I’d had when my Miss J was born.

Price when Reviewed: $14.99

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Seller: Brax-Apps

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.



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