Santa’s North Pole Secret

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Can you keep a secret? Santa’s been hiding some special friends at the North Pole, and now your kids can get in on the tale.

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Can you keep a secret? Santa’s been hiding some special friends at the North Pole, and now your kids can get in on the tale. The adorable Santa’s North Pole Secret eBook app is perfect for adding a little bit of holiday joy to your family’s celebrations, and a great way to help feed families in need.

Giving Double

Santa’s North Pole Secret is about a set of prehistoric guests who knock on Santa’s door, and stick around to help save Christmas. The story is delightful and quite original, though some of the rhymes feel a bit forced in certain places. If you can overlook that, then this app is a perfect present for kids 10 and under. Not only is it priced to move at just $.99 in iTunes, according to the developers every sale they make is going to help support a holiday dinner for those in need. We couldn’t really find any specifics, but it’s hard not to feel warm and cozy when you consider that by giving your child a delightful Christmas story you’re also making someone else’s holiday dreams come true.

Fun Extras

This eBook is available in read-to-me or read-alone style, and has a couple of extra surprises tucked into the story’s pages. Some of the scenes can be colored and saved. That’s a nice way to personalize the story and create some holiday memories. Other pages have bouncing gifts your little one can help collect for Santa. And a little merry ditty helps close out the book, much to my children’s delight.

Sure, there are a few features I wish the book had, like the option to record your own version of the story or a table of contents for easier navigation. But it’s hard to be grumpy this time of year, especially when Santa’s North Pole Secret is priced so well.

Bottom line

Santa’s North Pole Secret is a delightful story with a few fun extras that’s priced to move.

Dinosaurs at the North Pole? Who would believe the secret old Santa has up his sleeve?

This is the perfect app for children ages 2 – 7 who still believe in Santa and the mystery of dinosaurs.
Filled with wonderful music and narration, this is an app that is sure to be a great surprise children will find in their new iPod or Mom and Dad’s iPad this Christmas. Regular Price: .99

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