Safe browsing for your kids

Do you know what your children browse with your iOS device? Look at some stats:

– 12% of Internet sites are of adult content.
– 25% of all search engines requests are adult content oriented.
– 34% of Internet users have experienced unwanted exposure to adult content.
– The average age at which your children first see adult content online is 11 and going down…

Safe Web is a new web browser for iPhone and iPad devices. Don’t worry anymore about what they browse as they only will see what you let them see. Safe Web is a bookmarking based Internet browser that only allows to navigate to some predefined websites or domains of your selection. Apart from that, Safe Web creates a sandbox environment where the user can’t leave the allowed websites domains. For example: you can allow but they can’t navigate to a search result that is not in the allowed list.

There are other filtering solutions based on only filtering well known dangerous websites. Don’t trust in this kind of browsers! Every day appear hundreds of new bad websites that will only be filtered in a matter of weeks or months, meanwhile… your children will be exposed to them. With Safe Web it won’t never happen.

Main features:
– Effective sandbox to only allow navigation to bookmarked domains/websites.
– Up to 8 tabs for independent web browsing.
– Simple passcode protected interface for bookmarks settings.
– Universal app: buy it once and use it in all your iOS devices: IPhone or iPad.

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