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RetroMem is a collection of games built to boost the memories of little gamers. This universal app puts classic gaming styles to work in a delightful set of activities appropriate for kids of all ages.

How to Play

Children can choose from four different styles of games. Light Squares is a Simon-style memory game where your little one will mimic a pattern of sounds and colors on a square board. Towers of Hanoi is an ancient logic game that forces children to plan their moves in advance. Memory is the classic card flip game, featuring fun cartoons and characters. And Eight Puzzle is a slide puzzle that uses numbers instead of the traditional picture for a little extra counting reinforcement.

Each game has several different levels of difficulty, giving RetroMem a wide range of appeal. Children can earn awards and compare their top scores to other players in Game Center. It’s a pretty complex set of games, sure to have your kids playing for hours. In my house Light Squares was a big hit, while Towers of Hanoi was a good, solid challenge that had them working at it for an hour.

How it Looks

The presentation is simple and decidedly retro, from the solid clunk the wood blocks make as they move to the wood-on-wood motif reminiscent of a 1970’s basement. It’s obvious that the developers put some effort into creating an app that feels real, even though it’s entirely digital. It’s nice for kids to be reminded of hands-on playing in this digital age, so I approve.

A Few Concerns

There are several places that the app leads users to outside content, including links to buy the developer’s other titles and a rating page. We don’t think outside links are particularly kid friendly, so that does affect the app’s overall score. Also, I wish the app supported multiple player profiles.

Bottom line

RetroMem is a solid app with a fun motif and a nice price tag. I love the games it includes, but think the links to outside content are a bit inappropriate.

RetroMem combines four classic memory games into one! Great app for children!

★ Light Squares
★ Towers of Hanoi
★ Memory
★ Eight Puzzle

Challenge your memory by tapping colored lights in sequence for as many as you can remember!

Plan your strategy as you shift plates through the towers.

Challenge your memory by uncovering hidden pictures.

Solve the Eight Puzzle as you move all tiles in sequence in the least moves possible.

How good is your memory? Find out with this app!

Fun for all ages!!! Regular Price: .99