Moody Monster Manor


Moody Monster Manor is a free app that will help teach your children about emotions. There are a total of 20 monsters, each with their own unique mood. Your child will get to meet each monster and hear a short paragraph about their emotion. Inside the manor they’ll find four monster rooms. Each of these monsters has a problem and will need your child’s help with a mini-game. The games will teach about emotions, colors, matching and animals. Each game lasts thirty seconds and your child earns points while they play. Those points are then displayed on a badge outside of the door. It’s a fun way to see which games have been played and how well they’ve been doing. There are four more monster rooms in the manor’s upstairs but they’re locked for now. More games are promised soon! In addition to the game rooms your child will also find a Monster Maker room. With the Maker they can combine different bodies, patterns, eyes, noses and mouths to make their own monster.

Moody Monster Manor comes from ALEX Toys and the app perfectly captures the colorful zaniness of their toys, especially their monsters. This is a fabulous free app and I’m honestly shocked that it is free. I tried out the HD iPad version and the quality was amazing. The app description says it’s for ages 3-8 and I say if you’ve got a child in that age range grab the app and give it a try.

Price when Reviewed: FREE

See the iPhone and the iPad app in iTunes

Seller: ALEX Toys

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