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Introduce your children to the world in a whole new way with Looking Glass, a video subscription service from Project Comet. Each week the Looking Glass video app catalog is updated with new short films (each one is several minutes long) set to music, giving viewers an inside look at how the world works. From horseback riding and making pizza to roller coasters and tow trucks, this content is fun, interesting and extremely kid oriented.

Not only is the app 100 percent kid friendly, it contains extremely high quality video content and there’s a ton of it. With a $3.99 monthly subscription you’ll gain access to three new videos a week, plus hundreds of videos in the Looking Glass backlog. Subscriptions are linked to iTunes IDs, so you can bring your collection with you if you ever change devices.

Looking Glass makes great use of the iPad’s expansive screen, but it is also universal, meaning it works just fine on the iPhone and iPod touch as well. Once your account is set up navigating is as simple as scrolling, and kids can tap any video that catches their fancy to launch the content without any fuss. When it’s done playing the app automatically navigates your young ones back to the main menu, so there’s no chance of them being exposed to any advertisements or being guided out of the app.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Looking Glass. You can’t beat this app for quality and quantity, though I do wish it was a bit less expensive. If you’re still not convinced that this app is right for your kids, download Looking Glass for free and enjoy a handful of videos free of charge. But be prepared to want to unlock all of this amazing content.

Bottom line

Looking Glass is an impressive explanatory video service suggested for kids ages 2 – 8 that your family is absolutely going to love, as long as you don’t mind paying a monthly subscription.

Looking Glass produces original, 3-5 minute videos for kids age 2-8 that let them learn about hundreds of topics, from cupcakes to hot air balloons to tow trucks and more. All of our content is designed to be fun, informational, and engaging, and we work hand-in-hand with a noted child psychologist to ensure that everything about our videos – from their length to the topics to how the information is presented – is done with children in mind.

Looking Glass videos use beautiful, high-quality images set to original music (we’re narration free), delivering 3 new videos every week to the iTunes account for a monthly subscription fee of $3.99. Our interface is simple and kid-friendly, with the library of videos serving as a safe environment that kids can explore on their own.

Regular Price: $3.99/month (3 new videos each week)