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Thanks to Labotec for this week’s giveaway, KIDSAPP in Africa: Learn and Play with Savanna Animals. We loved KiDSAPP: Farm when we reviewed it, check out the review.

As it is an In-app purchasing application this is how to get the full version for free:

– For those who already have downloaded the app – jut go on the app store from the iPhone and go to ‘Featured’.
At the bottom of the page there is a ‘Redeem’ button, just select it and enter the redeem code.

– For those who haven’t downloaded the app, no need to download it first. Just go directly to the app store >’Featured’, then click on ‘Redeem’ button and enter the code.

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Your little one liked KiDSAPP: The Farm? Then he’ll LOVE KiDSAPP in Africa.

Based on the same sound & touch effects as KiDSAPP The Farm, this app will get your kid immersed into the wild world of the African Savanna.

Let your child understand the characteristics of animals from Africa: Tap the lion to hear him roar, the monkey to hear him chatter, the fish to see him dive into the lake…

KiDSAPP in AFRICA is designed to be functional in any language as it uses only illustrations, sounds, text-less user interface.

Developed in cooperation with teachers and parents, this app is designed to both educate and entertain.

Designed by professional illustrators, KiDSAPP in Africa comes along with stimulating games: 6 interactive puzzles, 6 tracing games which provide a great way for children to learn how to draw and recognize animals and…. a lot more surprises!