Tam & Tao in Numberland HD - Learn numbers with Montessori

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The app teaches numbers 0 – 9. Each number is beautifully illustrated with enough animation to be fun, but not distracting. Touch Tam and she’ll do a counting activity with you, touch Tao and trace the number then practice yourself.

This app gets an easy 5. It’s perfect for what it does. And as a designer, I really appreciate the stunning graphic design in the app.

In addition to the main app there are 2 more activities accessible from the from the app’s home page – drawing and counting. The counting activity helps kids understand numbers by putting the correct number of “spindles” in boxes. This is a good, but basic activity. The drawing app is simple and although doesn’t really add much to the math app – it is a nice bonus if especially if you do not have any other art apps for kids.