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Animal Stickers is just a fun little app with beautifully illustrated animals that you can put in different scenes.

Toddlers will love all the animals and be able to easily fill a page of their favorite animals. Older kids can do more with their layouts like change the size, rotataion, flip and other things to the animals making fun layered scenes.

Animal Stickers has a several different backgrounds to work on, plus 3 different sets of animals – jungle animals, exotic animals and forest animals. You can also save sticker pages to your camera roll, or email them to friends and family.

To save the drawing you need to go into “Drawings” then save, I would like to see the drawing being saved automatically. I would also like more backgrounds and animals available as an in-app purchase.

An adorably cute sticker app for kids who love animals Create drawings with cute jungle animals, forest animals and various trees, plants, rocks, clouds, rainbows and other decorations.

Choose your background image and then begin dragging-and-dropping stickers into the scene. You can easily resize, rotate and move the stickers around.

You can name and save your creations and reload them at any time and change them.

You can even organize them into folders so you can keep your creations separate from your friends.

Email your drawings to your friends and family or easily save them to the iPad’s Photo collection.

Some of the animal stickers include:

• Bear
• Lion
• Elephant
• Rhino
• Wolf
• Fox
• Woodpecker
• Parrot
• Camel
• Warthog
• Panda
• Skunk
• Squirrel
• And many, many more!

There are also many decoration stickers including:

• Clouds
• Plants
• Trees
• Rocks
• Rainbow