Kiwi and Pear World Adventure iPod / iPhone appKiwi and Pear’s World Adventure – Zephyr Games

Rating: 5 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod app: $2.99
iPad (HD) app: n/a
Universal app: n/a

Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure iPod

I am excited that Kiwi and Pear’s World Adventure is the first review of 2011. It is a wonderful early learning app that gives the youngest children a fun look at world geography. With adorable illustrations by Joyce Wan, good narration and bouncy music and you’ve got a must have app for preschoolers.

The interactive story follows lovable monkeys, Kiwi and Pear, as they travel of the world showing us famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Mount Fuji in Japan and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Each picture has cute and clever animations when Kiwi and Pear, or other hotspots, are touched.

In addition to the interactive story, there are 3 games including Fruit Catch Game, Matching Game and World Map Game. I especially like the World Map Game although it does seem a teeny bit too advanced for the rest of the app which I would say is targeted towards a preschool audience.

Possible improvements:

  • Add “Read To Me” or “Read to Myself” functionality
  • Make it a universal app

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