Hiding Hannah

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This delightful interactive eBook immerses your children in the world of Hiding Hannah, a little girl who loves to hide everything. Nothing is safe, from the remote to herself, much to the chagrin of Hannah’s mother and father. But don’t worry about them, they have a few tricks of their own.

I quickly found an audience who loved to play Hannah’s hiding game. This is the kind of book that will earn a permanent place on your iPhone. Each scene is full of interactive items and, with the help of narrator Tom Kenny (kids might recognize him from Spongebob Squarepants) your child will quickly become engrossed finding the hidden items.

Every time your little one reads Hiding Hannah, the hiding places will change. So the story is always a little different, and your child will always have fun guessing where Hannah is hiding.

The story itself is rather brief. There are just 12 pages and very little text, obviously intended for a younger audience. But the context, animation and games are extremely charming. Young children will find the app delightful and ask to read it again and again. At least that’s what happened in my house.

Bottom line

Hiding Hannah is a lot of fun and completely kid-friendly, intended for an audience 2 and up, with a middle ground price tag.

Hiding Hannah is an interactive book for children aged 2 and up.

Nothing could stop Hannah from hiding. Not food (well, maybe certain snacks), or even TV (well, maybe her favorite show, Sock Monkey Dance Party). Whether she’s hiding herself or household items, she always has a blast.

And your child will have a blast as well looking for whatever Hannah hides. With 12 fun-filled pages and hiding places that change each time, it will be a different experience every time your child reads it!

Narrated by Tom Kenny (voice of TV’s Spongebob Squarepants), and illustrated by Sesame Workshop digital media artist Melanie McCall, Hiding Hannah is full of charming interactive features and will quickly become a household favorite.

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