Halloween App Extravaganza Starts Now!!

We have a fantastic week for you with 15 Halloween giveaways and more….

Here’s a preview of the apps we will be featuring this week, so mark your calendar and get ready to redeem those promo codes. Not sure how to redeem promo codes? Check out our “How To Redeem a Promo Code” page.

Also, for our newsletter subscribers, we have a Halloween app treasure hunt on Thursday – so check your email again then.

Free App Friday? Well, that too will have a Halloween theme…..and maybe a Halloween treasure hunt again too – but this time on our Facebook page!

Promo codes will be released for each app, but you can find a short cut to all apps with promo codes here: bestappsforkids.com/category/specials/promo-codes-giveaways/

Monday Halloween Giveaway!

Tuesday Halloween Giveaway!

Wednesday Halloween Giveaway!

Thursday Halloween Giveaway!