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Paint Sparkles is a free and fun art app for kids where the canvas explodes with little “sparkles” as you paint.

While this isn’t the best art app for kids, it does provide several free blank and coloring pages, with extras available via in app purchase. Unlike many other “free” apps that I reviewed today, this really does feel like a lot of content is free without being confronted with buy this” at every tap. Grant your kids a colorful “welcome” to their first steps in the world of colors. Combining simplicity and fun, Paint Sparkles Draw introduces children to the names of all basic colors while developing their sense of vision and creativity. Finger painting was never so easy to master.
In this easy to use and fun drawing application you’ll find:
* Color names are heard each time a color is picked
* Magnificent sparkles spread around the screen each time a line is drawn
* Marvelous sound effects are played in the background to provide an attractive and reach experience
* Carefully designed for small ages the app is Child-Safe and extra easy to use.
* Mix and combine your colorful background to your coloring page. Every coloring page can be fitted with any of the colorful backgrounds creating a vast collection of possibilities. So easy to use and choose.
* Beautiful colorful backgrounds to enrich the experience!
* 139 beautiful colors to choose from
* Comfortable and easy to use brush sizes
* Multi-Touch finger coloring enabling a unique painting experience
* Save your drawing to gallery
* Amazing coloring pages, divided into 7 categories: (available with in-app purchase)
– Animals
– ABCs
– Legends
– Dinosaurs
– Sea
– Butterflies & Flowers
– Cars