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Little Dialers - Chris Hall

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Simple, but necessary – this app helps your kid learn your phone number. Personally, I just used it to help me remember my husbands cell phone.

There is a basic app, but it is free. I would love to be able to enter a couple of different numbers, such as both home and cell. You can change the phone number in Settings, but still only lets you learn one at a time.

Bottom-line: Well worth the free download! Teach your child how to contact you in case you’re ever separated from one another.

LEARNING MADE EASY You choose the ten digit phone number you want your child to learn. Repetition and positive visual, audio, and tactile reinforcement will have your child learning that phone number in no time.

REALISTIC KEYPAD Little Dialers looks similar to your iPhone’s Keypad, so your child will learn the phone number you want them to learn, as well as the pattern of touching each number in the right order.

TWO MODES Learning Mode fills in the ten digit phone number as your child enters it. Touching the phone number viewer toggles to Mastery Mode, where your child can practice typing the phone number from memory.


Directions: The first time you open up Little Dialers on your phone, you will be prompted to enter a ten digit phone number, area code first. If you ever wish to change this number, simply: Exit the Little Dialers application, open Settings on your iPhone, scroll down to find and open Little Dialers among the applications on your phone, and enter a new ten digit phone number.